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QuickBooks Payroll Update Error (PS032, PS077)

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error (PS032, PS077)

QuickBooks Payroll Update Error (PS032, PS077) occurs while downloading payroll updates in QuickBooks along with this message:

‘QuickBooks is facing trouble in installing payroll tax table update.’

What does the QuickBooks error code PS032 or PS077 indicate?

This indicates one of the following:

  • There’s a damaged/invalid tax table file in the Components/Payroll folder.
  • The QuickBooks software hasn’t been registered.
  • The billing information is outdated/false.
  • The company file has been damaged.

Things Before proceeding with the steps to resolve the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error (ps032, ps077)

Before proceeding with the steps to resolve the error, make sure to check out the points given below:

  • Verify your QuickBooks Payroll membership
  • Check that the billing data entered in the Payroll account is right.
  • Ensure to have only one QuickBooks application installed on your PC.
  • Ensure to create a backup of your QuickBooks Company file.

Solutions of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error (PS032, PS077)

The following steps should be completed to fix the QuickBooks Payroll Update Error (PS032, PS077).

The solution, however, might be arrived at with just a few of these steps.

  • QuickBooks Desktop must be registered first, and it should also be updated to the latest release. Then, users must the QuickBooks Desktop software. But it should be ensured that a data file that has an Accountant’s copy out is not being updated.
  • Next, users must press F2 in QuickBooks ‘Home’ and note down the ‘License Number’, and then select OK to close the ‘Product Information’ window.
  • Then, users must verify that they have only one installation of QuickBooks. If users have a system with a server, there might be two versions of QuickBooks installed—QuickBooks Desktop database server and QuickBooks Desktop.
NOTE: The following steps shouldn’t be completed if only one version of QuickBooks is installed.
  • First, the company file must be backed up and all open applications closed. Then, users must open the ‘Run’ window:
  • On Windows 8, users must open the ‘Start’ screen and right-click o the background to ‘All Apps’. Then, choose ‘Run’ below the ‘Windows System’ section.
  • Windows XP and 7 users must press the Windows ‘Start’ button and choose ‘Run’. If Windows 7 users are not logged in as ‘Admin’, they must select ‘Start’-> ‘All Programs’-> ‘Accessories’-> ‘Run’.
  • Windows Vista users must press the ‘Vista’ logo (‘Start’ button’) and enter ‘Run’ in the ‘Start Search’ field.
  • Then, in the ‘Open’ section’, type ‘control’ and select OK, which will open the ‘Control Panel’ window. Now, users must double-click on ‘Add or Remove Programs’(in Windows Vista, it is ‘Programs and Features’).
  • Next, users must check the list of QuickBooks Desktop programs on the list of currently installed programs to see if there are multiple versions.
  • If users have only one version, they shouldn’t continue.
  • If users can confirm that there are multiple versions, they must choose the QuickBooks program to be uninstalled and select ‘Change/Remove’ (in Vista it is ‘Uninstall/Change’). This will open the QuickBooks Desktop Installation Wizard. Then select ‘Next’, followed by ‘Remove’ and again ‘Next’.
  • The error message will have the option to complete the update online. If prompted users must select ‘Yes’ to retrieve the update online.
  • Error PS032 might only show the option to select Ok to go online. If OK is clicked, the download is run again, and the same error message might be shown.
  • If the data file is located in a server, QuickBooks must be closed on all computers. Users must then run the ‘Payroll Update’ from the server. If it is successfully updated on the server, all other installed versions of QuickBooks will also have to be updated (unless there’s a terminal server; this is supported on QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions only).

Alternate Solutions of QuickBooks Payroll Update Error (PS032, PS077)

Here are the possible Alternate solutions for QuickBooks Payroll Update Error (PS032, PS077). Steps to resolve the error, make sure to check out the points given below:

Solution 1. Install the Latest QuickBooks Desktop Updates

By installing the latest QuickBooks Desktop Update it is easy to rectify the errors PS032 & PS077. To do so follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the start menu. 
  2. Right-click on the QuickBooks icon and select run as administrator
  3. Go to the help menu and choose to update QuickBooks.
  4. Click on check for updates
  5. In the get updates tab select the option to reset updates.
  6. Then choose to update QuickBooks now
  7. When the download of the update file has finished, exit QuickBooks.

Solution 2. Run & Verify QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility Tool to Resolve Error PS032 & PS077

By running & verifying QuickBooks rebuild date utility tool to resolve the errors PS032 & PS077. To do so follow all the steps and make sure to check out the points given below:

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop, then pick the option Utilities from the File menu, then Verify Data.
  2. If no problem warning appears after verifying the data, the rebuild tool is not required because the company file is now error-free.
  3. If you see the error notice “Your data has lost integrity,” it signifies your data file is corrupted and has to be restored.
  4. Select Utilities from the File menu, then Rebuild Data.
  5. On the backup company file popup window, click OK.
  6. Click OK after selecting a location on your computer to save the backup of your company file.
  7. The data reconstruction process will begin immediately once the backup file has been properly saved on your desktop.
  8. When the message “Rebuild Completed” comes on the screen, click on OK.
  9. If no issues are found after running the Verify data program, you can restore your company file’s backup by going to the File menu and selecting Backup.

Note: Run the Verify Data Utility again to ensure that your data has been corrected and that no errors are reflected.

Solution 3. Re-installing the QuickBooks desktop application

By re-installing the QuickBooks desktop application to resolve the errors PS032 & PS077. make sure to check out the points given below

  1. The very first step is to make an uninstallation of QuickBooks Software.
  2. After that, you need to create a clean installation of this accounting software process.
  3. For this, you can choose one of the given options that are discussed here.
  4. In the first option, you have to make the installation process of QuickBooks as directly from the installation CD drive.
  5. Secondly, you can also install QuickBooks software through a downloaded file as given on your computer.
  6. Installing QuickBooks software directly from a CD is too easy for the users.
  7. Thus, you can download or simply install the QuickBooks program with the help of a manual guide.

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