Approach To Fix QuickBooks Error Code -6144,0


QuickBooks Error Code 6144, 0 is creating a lot of trouble? Is it stopping you from working on QuickBooks? And, you know what, this is one of the mega reasons which has made QuickBooks a top choice of the people. The accounting program is only stepping up the popularity curve without any hindrance.

QuickBooks Error Code 6144, 0

Also, when it comes to seeking help for fixing the QuickBooks Error Code 6144, 0 or any other QB trouble, we have a QuickBooks tech helpdesk. Our Bigxperts QuickBooks tech team is trained to solve any sort of QB related tech problem that may happen. The number is +1-800-816-6849, and it is open 24 by 7.

QuickBooks Error 6144, 0 is generally linked to the company file that consists of all the accounting information. The issue starts occurring when something incorrect happens with your file.


A host of events may be the main causes of this problem, and a few of the causes are mentioned below:

  • In the case the program closes automatically when the data is already stored in it. This is the top most reasons which leads to corruption and damage
  • Additionally, one of the other mostgeneric reasons of not only this problembut some of the other QB related problems is the attack of a virus or some malicious activity
  • The other big reason is the hindrance caused by any of the presently running security Software or even a third party solution at times


It is important to find out the main causes, it makes it simpler to get to the resolution of the problem. Listed below are the steps to resolve the QB problem:

  • You may have to sign in with the admin permissions and settings into that admin account.
  • After you are done, you may open up QuickBooks File Doctor, but only with admin authorizations.
  • Next, you would have to wait for QB accounting program to open up as it can certainly take some time
  • Choose the browse and hit on the file.
  • Select whether or not the existing company file is hosted either on the computer or on that server
  • Select only the aptchoice for the query which will show up: Are you presently on a computer or are you on a workstation.
  • Afterwards, you may need to scan for all the issues with the file. You may even find out the possible network glitches, using the QB File doctor

It is mostly possible that the problem will be gone once you have successfully followed the steps. In case the issue is still prevailing, then please call our Bigxperts QuickBooks technical helpline, the number is here: +1-800-816-6849.


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