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Assign More Than 1 Quickbooks Payroll Item to An Employee

Assign More Than 1 Quickbooks Payroll Item to An Employee

To track specific amounts on a paycheck and compile year-to-date (YTD) wage and tax numbers for each employee, QuickBooks uses payroll items. Payroll includes items for wages, taxes, various additions and subtractions, and company-funded expenses. These payroll items can be allocated to other accounts as needed.

What is the Payroll item List in Quickbooks? 

  1. The payroll items that are currently configured in QuickBooks are kept in the Payroll Item list.
  2.  Even though the list is originally sorted by item type, you can change it to item name sorting.
  3. To add, update, conceal, or delete payroll items, make a payroll item inactive, print the list, and perform other things, pick the Payroll Item drop-down at the bottom of the list.
  4. You can choose activities or see reports connected to the Payroll Item list in the Activities and Reports drop-down menu in addition to the Payroll Item drop-down menu.

You can also modify the payroll items in Quickbooks with the steps given below

  1. Select Payroll Item List from the Lists menu after going there.
  2. Select Edit Payroll Item by performing a right-click on the relevant item.
  3. Change the Payroll Item Name, the Liability/Expense Account Linked to the Item, How to Calculate the Item, and/or Default Rates and Limits as required (Rates and Limits entered here will affect all employees).
  4. The kind of the payroll item cannot be changed. Create a new payroll item if you want to update it.
  5. Order to choose the right Finish, select Next.

Steps to assign a payroll item to an employee in QuickBooks

  1. Select Employees from the Payroll menu.
  2. Choose the employee’s name.
  3. Choosing an Edit employee.
  4. Select Add additional pay types from How much do you pay? section.
  5. Choose the pay option that best serves your needs.
  6. To make the pay type you want available, you might have to choose Even more methods to pay.
  7. If you want to make the amount recurring, enter it in the $ field; otherwise, leave it empty and enter the amount just when processing payroll.
  8. Select the edit (pencil) icon next to the pay type’s name to rename or modify the pay type.
  9. Choose Done.

You can accomplish the correct accounts in the Export Preferences in Quickbooks, Here’s how 

  1. Go to the Gear icon and select Payroll Settings.
  2. Select the Pencil symbol next to Export.
  3. After that, select QuickBooks Desktop for Mac by clicking the Change hyperlink.
  4. Choose Tap Continue.
  5. Select the appropriate accounts for each field after that.
  6. Click Done when you’re done.

Find out how to ask your employees to input their personal information for payroll items

Step-1: Invite employees to enter their personal information

Through the Payroll Setup Wizard in QuickBooks, and also invite your employees to the self-setup portal for QuickBooks Workforce.

  1. Log in as the Primary Administrator to your QuickBooks Desktop file.
  2. After choosing Employees, choose Payroll Setup.
  3. Select Personnel.
  4. Choose Instruct employee to self-install.
  5. Each field on the Employee information window should be filled in.
  6. Choose Next.
  7. Enter the wage information for your employee, along with any required time off, perks, or deductions. Next, choose Next.
  8. Verify the accuracy of the information, then select Done twice.
  9. For each employee, you wish to invite, repeat the aforementioned steps.

Step-2: View the self-setup status of your employee

You can choose various actions or keep track of which team members have finished their setup in the Payroll Setup Wizard.

  1. Log in as the Primary Administrator to your QuickBooks Desktop file.
  2. After choosing Employees, choose Payroll Setup.
  3. Select Personnel.


The above information is about assigning the Payroll items in Quickbooks how to Assign 1 more Payroll item and how to update and modify it into the Quickbooks Payroll item list. And also how your employees can put their personal information for Payroll items in Quickbooks.


  1. What is the QuickBooks Desktop process for entering employee payroll?

    Activate QuickBooks Desktop. Then choose Payroll Setup under Employees. After adding your employees, follow the on-screen instructions to set up your company’s payroll items and taxes.

  2. How are payroll items for QuickBooks time assigned to employees?

    Allowing workers to choose their own payroll items:

    a.)  Choose Preferences from the QuickBooks dropdown menu under QuickBooks Time.
    b.)  The Payroll Item Mapping Tool should be chosen.
    c.)  Choose Settings.
    d.)  Choose Allow Employees to Select Payroll Items.
    e.)  Choose Save.

  3. Which six pieces of information are necessary when adding a new employee to the payroll?

    Personal information includes :

    1. first and last name, 
    2. social security number, 
    3. and birthdate. 

    If you wish to encourage your employees to check their pay stubs and W-2s online, provide their home address and email address. Additional information – no mandatory fields.

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