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Auto Recovery Quickbooks Payroll Not Responding

Reasons for QuickBooks payroll not responding are Network issues, Company file issues, Lack of system resources, Payroll not being activated properly

Error: Auto recovery QuickBooks payroll not responding.

Auto recovery and QuickBooks payroll aren’t responding because system resources or network issues are interfering with the process and causing an error. While you may not get an error code directly, there are a number of known causes for this problem. When the network isn’t working properly, QuickBooks cannot connect with payroll servers and freezes. Further, too many programs running at the same time can leave little resources for QuickBooks Payroll, which stops responding because of a dearth of resources.

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix the auto-recovery QuickBooks payroll not responding error.

Causes of Autorecovery Quickbooks Payroll Not Responding

For many reasons, QuickBooks payroll may stop responding, especially when:

  1. System hangs because of insufficient resources
  2. The system cannot process the amount of data
  3. The payroll service doesn’t have authentication
  4. QuickBooks can’t connect to the company file
  5. Personal info is incorrect
  6. Direct deposit isn’t configured correctly

Easy solutions for Autorecovery Quickbooks Payroll Not Responding

We’ll cover all of the aforementioned problems and provide solutions so that you can get back to work on your accounting data as soon as possible.

Total Time: 17 minutes

Step 1: Update Bank Details

Update Bank Details

When data stored in the payroll software isn’t correct and you try to deposit paychecks into bank accounts, the QuickBooks payroll not responding error occurs. Users have often been left frustrated because identifying the real cause of this error can seem really difficult.

After updating your bank, you need to change the bank within QuickBooks too; otherwise, QuickBooks payroll will stop responding whenever you try to work with it.

Here are the steps to update bank details so that the QuickBooks payroll not responding error doesn’t occur:

💠 Go to the Employees menu.
💠 Choose the My Payroll Service option.
💠 In the next window, choose Accounts/Billing Information.
💠 Enter authentication details for the account that you have with Intuit. This is the account that you purchased your payroll subscription from.
💠 Go to the Payroll Info option.
💠 Click on the Edit option provided under the Direct Deposit Bank Account.
💠 Input the PIN that you created before activating the desktop account, then click on Continue.
💠 Once you’ve entered the info of your new bank account, choose Update.
💠 In the confirmation window, click on Yes, then close.

It may take QuickBooks 2-3 business days to verify the accuracy of the provided details. Once a test transaction is conducted using your account, QuickBooks will start syncing transactions between the two accounts.

Step 2: Links disabled in QuickBooks Payroll

Links disabled in QuickBooks Payroll

If links are disabled in QuickBooks payroll, then you may have not updated your software in a while. The update removes this error and lets you get back to work.

To update the program and stop QuickBooks from freezing, follow these steps:

💠 Close all Company files in QuickBooks Desktop.
💠 In the start menu, click on the search box.
💠 Type in QuickBooks.
💠 Right-click on the program icon, then choose Run as Administrator.
💠 In the No Company Open Screen, select the Help menu.
💠 Now choose the Update QuickBooks Desktop option.
💠 From the Options tab, click on Mark all to select each update that isn’t yet installed on your system. You also have the option to individually select or deselect certain updates according to your requirements.
💠 Click on the Save option, then go to the Update Now tab.
💠 Click on the Reset Update option.
💠 Click on the Get Updates button.
💠 Wait for QuickBooks desktop to download all the setup files, then exit the program.
💠 In the confirmation message to install the updates, click on Yes and wait for the updates to be installed on your system.

Once the updates are done, you’ll find that the links in QuickBooks payroll are working once again, so you can now go back to the previous solution and update your bank details to easily work without getting the QuickBooks Payroll not responding error.

Step 3: Fix your Internet Connection

Fix your Internet Connection

A slow internet connection can lead QuickBooks payroll to not respond. And when the internet isn’t working at all, you cannot perform any of the tasks that require online accessibility.

To check if your internet connection is working properly when QuickBooks payroll doesn’t respond, follow these steps:

💠 Launch the default browser for your windows user.
💠 Go to a random website.
💠 Wait for the website to open.

If the website doesn’t open, then try another one. If there’s no internet connection, then you’ll have to reach out to your internet service provider to get the error fixed. Only after connecting back to the internet can you get back to working on your accounting software without QuickBooks payroll freezing.

Step 4: Check System Resources

Check System Resources

QuickBooks desktop with payroll has certain system requirements, which when not fulfilled, lead to QuickBooks payroll not responding. Here are possible solutions for the same:

💠 Fix any error message displayed by the software
💠 Reset updates using the second solution
💠 Go to the Task Manager and end all processes consuming too many system resources
💠 Upgrade your system to ensure that you have the minimum required system resources
💠 Quit programs that are using all the network speed

These steps should be enough to get QuickBooks payroll to respond so that you can start working again.


When working with employee data, QuickBooks payroll not responding can cause serious issues not only for your productivity but also for compliance with the law. So use these solutions to fix this error as soon as possible.

Note: Is QuickBooks payroll still not responding? Get in touch with our accounting software experts now via chat or call.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why does the auto-recovery feature cause QuickBooks Desktop to stop working?

    The auto-recovery feature runs automatically when your software crashes. However, it can sometimes bring back the same error that leads to QuickBooks payroll not responding. So you need to open QuickBooks without opening any company file, then access the software to stop the auto-recovery tool from running in the first place.

  2. Can the Tool Hub help with QuickBooks payroll not responding to errors?

    Yes, it can. It contains various utilities that you can use to scan your system, its preferences, and the company files to troubleshoot the error and then resolve it using the tool itself. Specific tools diagnose and resolve particular categories of errors, so you may have to rely on multiple tools to resolve these issues.

  3. Why does QuickBooks Payroll not respond even though my internet connection is working?

    While there are many reasons for this error, you can check your security software to find out the one that is blocking QuickBooks from accessing the internet. In most cases, it is the windows firewall that prevents network connections when QuickBooks company files are hosted on a separate server.

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