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Benefits of QuickBooks Point of Sale Integrated with Quick Serve Restaurants

The maker of QuickBooks Intuit has partnered with Revel Systems to launch the retail edition of QuickBooks Point of Sale that is powered by Revel Systems. The Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) feature of QuickBooks Point of Sale has been developed and designed in such a way that it comes handy in fulfilling all your business needs and managing all the business operations with ease.

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Features of QuickBooks Point of Sale

The Ring Sales and Manage Inventory feature of QuickBooks Point of Sale enables retail business users to keep a record of sales in their retail store, take payments and keep a tab on the money transactions, manage the entire inventory in store, and also manage customers.

The QuickBooks Point of Sale retail accounting software can be accessed at anytime from anywhere irrespective of the user’s geographic location. In this way, the user can get to know about all the activities that happen in his absence, and also track all the sales related data and manage the employees in the store through QuickBooks Point of Sale tool from a remote location.

The sales function in QuickBooks Point of Sale functions only on an iPad, and is powered and controlled through the back end configurations. The back end is an application that is web browser based and can be operated on any device that is browser enabled.

Even if there is a loss of Internet connection you can keep a track on the sales data and payments received at the store by keeping the software in the Always On Mode. You need not to manually feed the payment related data in the QuickBooks accounting software as the Auto Payment Reconciliation feature automates the deposit of payment related data in the QuickBooks accounting tool.

Also, you do not have to manually update the software as you will get the latest software updates and features automatically as and when they are released by Intuit.

Overview of Quick Serve Restaurant feature of QuickBooks Point of Sale

1. Take orders faster, leading to higher revenues

If you are using the QuickBooks Point of Sale tool to manage the operations of your restaurant business, then the Quick Serve Restaurant feature is very useful for you as it facilitates quick, efficient and ready delivery of eatables at a reasonable price.

The main objective of the Quick Serve Restaurant feature of QuickBooks Point of Sale software is to minimize the time taken in offering food to the customers. The Quick Serve Restaurant feature of QuickBooks Point of Sale is best suited for those food business owners who run a coffee house, pizza shop, ice cream parlor, juice corner, fast food joint, a food truck or any other fast food category not mentioned here.

The Sales function of Quick Serve Restaurant feature of QuickBooks Point of Sale has many options such as discounts while taking order, take home or eat in, in time and out time, tips, e-mailing or printing of receipts, cash or coupon refunds, loyalty points redemption, choosing mode of payment, putting on hold any placed order, etc.

2. Dynamic digital display

Another feature of the Quick Serve Restaurant feature of QuickBooks Point of Sale is the display which is directed towards the customers. This feature is present in all the versions of Quick Serve Restaurant. The customer can view the details about the food items that he orders.

The customer facing display also allows customers to sign their order digitally and decide whether they want their receipt in print format or want it to be sent directly to their inbox via e-mail. When a customer is not in front of this display then the customer facing display can be used to run promotional messages, offers, discounts, or any other third-party advertisements.

3. Kitchen display

Another noteworthy and vital feature of Quick Serve Restaurant enabled QuickBooks Point of Sale software is the kitchen printer. The user can place the printer either in the food preparation area or the serving area of bar, or at both the areas.

So this can be quite useful if any customer has ordered a meal that includes drinks also. With a printout being generated from the printers placed at both the areas, the food preparing staff would come to know exactly about the details of the customer’s order. This will help them in quick serving of the order placed, and putting a smile on the customer’s face.

4. Inventory management

In addition to the above-discussed features of Quick Serve Restaurant, the user can also keep a track of the inventory in stock. This tracking of inventory is linked to the kitchen and point of sale. If any particular food item is being sold from the point of sale, it would be automatically deducted from the inventory.

This will enable the owner or restaurant manager to always keep a stock of the food items that are high in circulation.

5. Employee tracking and scheduling

The restaurant manager can also manage schedule of employees and prepare reports on the basis of budget versus actual manpower. The manager can even manage the payroll of employees in the restaurant using the Quick Serve Restaurant.

The user can also run third party developed add-on programs such as integration of caller identity, managing of orders placed online, sending of gift cards, creating loyalty programs, managing the digital menu board, etc. with Quick Serve Restaurant.

Need Professional Help?

Hopefully you would have got a better understanding of the benefits of integrating Quick Serve Restaurant feature with QuickBooks Point of Sale by now. If you still have any query or doubt related to Quick Serve Restaurant, you can reach out to our QuickBooks Support Team by visiting our website Our QuickBooks tech professional can assist you in a professional way to setup and install QuickBooks Point of Sale that is powered by Revel Systems.

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