Best Ways To Keep Your QuickBooks Online Data Safe


Best Ways to Keep Your QuickBooks Online Data Safe

When you have a database containing huge company details and employee information, it is very obvious for you to be conscious enough in terms of its safety. QuickBooks Online is a software option that almost every organization uses these days to manage data in an organized manner.

But how well you manage your data does not determine how safe it is in your database. Thus, there are relevant efforts that you must put in to ensure your QuickBooks Online data is safe and secure.

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Ways to Ensure Keep Your QuickBooks Online Data Safety

When it comes to keeping your QuickBooks Online Data safe, there are various ways you can consider. These tips can be divided into two categories – Simple and Advanced.

Simple QB Online data safety measures

Get a Data Backup

In case your QuickBooks Online feature suddenly crashes because of some malware effects, you must not worry. The software has multiple backup procedures inculcated to secure your database. As a result, even in case of a sudden crash, you can take the backup and start your work again. The QuickBooks Online tool allows your data to be stored on a mirrored disk every time you add or modify the details.

Have a Firewall Installed

A firewall program, when installed in your system, it makes sure there is always a barrier that restricts hackers and cyber-thieves from stealing the data. QuickBooks Online has SSL technology in it that prohibits any unauthorized access to data files or the database. It is the same technology that is used for securing credit card transactions done online.

Provide Unique Password

With a unique ID and password, safety can be ensured to your QuickBooks Online data. Whenever anyone tries to enter the company file, he/she will be asked to provide a valid ID and password, which when provided will give access to users. Make sure the password is not easy enough to be known to other users as it may prove dangerous for the safety of the database.

Advanced QB Online data safety measures

Include Internal Safeguard

With QuickBooks Online, it is easier to include internal safeguard to the data files. Based on the roles and responsibilities a person handles in an organization, user access can be provided. To make the settings, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

    • Open the Company
    • Choose Set Up Users and Passwords |Set Up Users
    • You will find Admin entry, which will be the single entry on the User List window
    • Click Add user and enter details of the employees allowed to access the file along with the ID and password to be used
    • Click Next
    • On the next page, you will see Selected Areas of QuickBooks. Choose the button in front of that option
    • You will be allowed to set unique passwords for different areas after this, which will include access restrictions for Sales and Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Employees, etc
    • Click Finish after reviewing the screens to verify the actions

Update OS & Others Systems

Make sure to follow the update notifications and thereby keep on updating the operating system and applications depending on the latest versions being launched from time to time.

Ensure Network Safety

One of the most important things is to ensure having a safe network. Make sure you restrict employees from web browsing too much. Remember, hackers, are always looking for one silly mistake. Secondly, you must ask your employees not to use public networking on work platforms. Thirdly, app installations through smartphones that are used for business purposes should be avoided.

If you think, you have more questions on the best ways of keeping your QuickBooks Online data safe, you can contact Bigxperts representatives who are available 24*7 to help and assist you. Feel free to call them on QuickBooks number +1-800-816-6849.

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