Com Error QuickBooks 2018 Desktop Pro & Windows 7


QuickBooks accounting software can be easily downloaded and installed in your computer system. If you have a small business and you are using the latest version of QuickBooks 2018 Desktop Pro solution which is installed in a computer system with Windows 7 Operating System, then there are chances that you may encounter some technical errors. One such technical error which you may come across is Com Error in QuickBooks.

Com Error QuickBooks 2018 Desktop Pro & Windows-7

Com Error is generally seen in the QuickBooks 2018 Desktop Pro edition or QuickBooks installed in the system that has Windows 7 Operating System. You may come across this error while opening a specific list of customers or making a transaction like a vendor bill. While completing this process you may be trying to email a transaction or print a report thus you see the following error message getting displayed on your computer system.

“Crash: Com Error in QuickBooks Desktop”

Note: It is recommended that you should update your Office to the latest error. This recommendation is suggested by the Microsoft.

Resolutions for Com Error:

The Intuit experts have suggested various solutions to resolve this QuickBooks error:

Solution I: Set Outlook as default mail

    • Open Control Panel.
    • Go to Default Panel and click on the Set your default programs option.
    • Select the MS Outlook from the Program list.
    • Click on the Set this program as default and press OK.

Solution II: In Microsoft Outlook, add an email account

      • From MS Outlook go to the File menu.
      • Click on the Add Account option to add an account.
      • Enter the desired email address and press Connect.
      • Outlook will automatically detect the accurate server setting.
      • Click Select and then enter the password for the email.
      • Click OK until the setup is complete.

Solution III: Toggle with the mail settings

      • Open Control Panel and click on Mail option.
      • Click on Microsoft Outlook.
      • Open the Mail Setup Window and click on the Show Profile.
      • Click on the checkbox for always use this profile option and select prompt for a profile to be used.
      • Press Apply option and then toggle back to the option always use this profile& press Apply.
      • Click on OK.

Solution IV: Running QuickBooks in the Compatibility Mode

      • Right click on the QuickBooks icon from your desktop.
      • Click on the Run QuickBooks in the compatibility mode.
      • You can also press the Compatibility option.
      • Go to the Compatibility mode field and click on the checkbox of the Run this program in compatibility mode for option.
      • Click on the window 7 option from the drop-down menu list.
      • Open the Privilege Level list and click on the checkbox for Run this program as an administrator.
      • Click on Apply option and then finally press OK.


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