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Compare And Choose The Best One : QuickBooks Pro Vs. Premier

QuickBooks has multiple versions to their accounting software and depending on the kind, size and requirement of one’s business a user can select the version that suits them.

QuickBooks Pro Vs. Premier: Compare And Choose The Best One

QuickBooks Pro 2018

QuickBooks Pros 2018 have added new features like storage of data and software online that can be accessed and used in your mobile devices. Some of the other features are as follows:

  • Multi-monitor
  • Past due stamp
  • Easy search bar
  • Cash/Accrual toggle
  • Payroll liability reminder

Benefits of QuickBooks Pro 2018

The software is has become more user-friendly despite being robust and has the ability to enhance small business finance and accounting system. Users can avail the following benefits from QuickBooks Pro 2018

  • In a data file it can 3 simultaneous users
  • Do a complete work with revenues and receipts
  • Have complete list of expenditures and payables
  • Job Costing
  • Inventory part tracking
  • Time and mileage tracking
  • Complete banking activities
  • Sales tax
  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Price levels and fixed percentages
  • Can work full and robust reports
  • Others:
  • Labels and letters can be made
  • Transaction reports collected and arranged
  • You can choose the template
  • Documents can be imported and exported
  • Print/e-file 1099s
  • Track Leads
  • Stay organized
  • Easy navigation
  • Security for the user
  • E-mail transaction can have documents attached

QuickBooks Premier 2018

This version is one of the most enhanced QuickBooks versions available in the market. It not only very easy to set up but also comes with plug and play feature, has the ability to not only create sales order but also track back orders.

Most important of all the user can see his/her company’s performance growth with just clicking a single button. The features of QuickBooks Premier 2018 are as follows:

  • One can get automated reports
  • Searching is easy
  • Bill tracking
  • Reports can be filtered

Benefits of QuickBooks Premier

Like any other versions QuickBooks Premier has its benefits and features that are not there in any other QuickBooks versions. However, one must also know that QuickBooks Premier itself has several other versions and the features each version has might not be ed by others.

Here is a list of benefits and features in general of QuickBooks Premier that QuickBooks Pro 2018 does not have:

  • Data file simultaneously ed to 5 users
  • Inventory can build assemble and measure
  • Tracking of sales/ return order, availability, sales order to PO to invoice
  • Job costing
  • Reporting
  • Price level: not fixed percentage
  • Levels of Billing rates
  • Journal entries
  • Filter reports
  • Closing date exception report

Premier has become the choice for many because of its features like:

  • Backorder: It tracks the products that have been invoiced and that are yet to be shipped.
  • Sales Order: Transactions can be recorded that have not been reported.
  • Tracking of current availability: While this is not available in all Premier versions but it helps the user in known how much stock he/she has and how much needs to be shipped.
  • Estimate Purchase Order: One can do huge estimates for the purchase order.
  • Reconciliation Reporting: Previous reconciliations are available, and easy back sales maintenance.
  • Price Levels: A percentage per item is provided and not a fixed percentage.

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