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Create a Perfect Payroll Plan with Your Client | QuickBooks Online Payroll

For any organization, whether big or small, payroll management is an utmost responsibility. What you get paid decides how much enthusiasm you show at work? This may sound harsh but it’s the truth. Hence, any issue with the payroll directly affects the reputation of the company, thereby bridging a gap between employers and employees.

Create a Perfect Payroll Plan with Your Client

Given the importance of accuracy in calculating payrolls, Intuit has introduced QuickBooks Online Payroll tool that simplifies the handling and management of payroll functions.

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Get a Proper Payroll Plan

With QuickBooks Online Payroll, handling the payroll functions is much easier but then you must have a coordinated approach with the clients when it comes to managing the software and the information stored in it. Thus, when you meet your clients for the purpose, you must be well aware of the way they handle their payroll process.

Here are some steps that can help you create an excellent payroll plan with your client.

Examine client capabilities

The very first thing that you should consider is assessing and figuring out the responsibilities that your clients are capable of handling. Before you start with a perfect plan, you must know how much access to that payroll plan should be delegated to your client. For this, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself after the meeting with the clients.

There are some clients who will assure you of being regular in making timely payments but they don’t. Make sure your clients make timely payments and they don’t forget to schedule required payments. Until you’re confident about them, you should not divide the responsibilities.

Specify your involvement

As soon as you are assured of your clients’ capabilities in handling the payroll functions delegated to them, you should make clear the things you’re going to handle. A robust working of the perfect payroll plan can only be ensured when both of you i.e. you and your client know their part of the job.

In case of the QuickBooks Online Payroll, you can flexibly access the tool from anywhere if there’s a stable internet connection. Hence, to make sure your client is not confused, make a “To do” list for him/her by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Online Accountant every month
  2. Click Employees tab
  3. Make a To-do list and specify the tasks to be completed by your clients within given deadlines. This will help them know their payroll duties for each month.

Develop clients’ skills

It is not always necessary that your clients are tech-savvy enough to undertake the To-do tasks listed in the software. They may not be comfortable enough to carry out the duties in some instances.

As a result, it becomes your duty to make sure your clients are trained properly to handle their job and complete their portion of the payroll plan with all efficiency. Once they are trained, you can be assured of accuracy in their work.

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