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Discontinued QuickBooks MAC 2016

QuickBooks for Mac 2016 is being stopped and the Mac clients will be bolstered just till May 31, 2019. Intuit passed on this is the last form of the item accessible. For current Mac clients, the option is QuickBooks Online that comes in three forms for example Basic Start, Essentials and Plus choices.

Discontinued QuickBooks Desktop for MAC 2016

Intuit QuickBooks Mac 2016  version is taken out from the market and QuickBooks Mac for the users will be available till May 31, 2019, only. QuickBooks for MAC 2016 discontinued poses a problem for the MAC users and knowing the alternatives to QuickBooks for MAC is necessary.

Is QuickBooks for Mac being discontinued after the 2016 version?

We changed over from QB 2016 for Mac to QB Online and completely loathe it. Hoping to return to work area adaptation, yet I am perusing alot about the Mac work area variant being suspended.

The news that 2016 release of QB for Mac was the latter was declared in 2016. It is news again in light of the fact that clients of 2015 face loss of trader installments and bank associations and finance toward the finish of this current month and updating now to 2016 just allows them one year respite.

In any case, in the Community some have shown that a 2019 variant is underway because of the staggering solicitations of clients such as yourself. There is starting at yet no official declaration that backs this up.

Alternatives for the Discontinued QuickBooks for Mac version

As the last form accessible, QuickBooks for Mac 2016 will formally be canceled. It will be upheld until May 31, 2019. Having said that, we need something as an elective that could be appropriate for the business needs and making bookkeeping simple. There is a free standard transformation to QuickBooks Online for any Mac client, given by Accounting Therapy. There are different options that are accessible in which could swap QuickBooks for Mac however the best one and the most suggested one would be QuickBooks Online.

What features of QuickBooks Online makes accounting easy?

It can simply be accessed anywhere. All the user needs are an internet connection and a web browser. With QuickBooks Online, user can:

  • Track the income and expenses and see how much money is being made.
  • Downloading the bank transactions and credit card transactions and managing them.
  • Printing checks and recording transactions in QuickBooks.
  • Importing data from MS Excel or QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Data is automatically backed up in the cloud.
  • High security measures so that only you can access your data.
  • Access the data from a smartphone or tablet or any other remote device.
  • Take snapshots of receipts so that tax filing becomes easier as well.
  • Invitation can be sent up to two accountants to access the data on QuickBooks Online.

What Problems will occur if you do not Migrate from QuickBooks Mac?

Firstly, migrating from QuickBooks Mac to QuickBooks Online has a standard conversion procedure.  Discontinuation of a version poses problems for several current users. But switching to QuickBooks Online is the correct move.

In case you do not migrate from the discontinued QuickBooks Mac version then you will have to face the below-given issues after May 31, 2019. These issues are:

  • No Technical Support- Any required technical for QuickBooks for Mac will not be available after May 31, 2019. This can create several problems while doing troubleshooting or any other issues. However, if you migrate to QuickBooks Online, then you get tech readily available
  • Intuit Payments- You will not be able to make any credit card payments from customers through QuickBooks MAC software after May 31, 2019. Switching to QuickBooks Online is a good option.
  • Payroll services- The Payroll Services will also be disabled, and no payroll processing will be manageable after May 31, 2019.

Ideally, presently your stress is settled as QuickBooks Online is a great option for QuickBooks for MAC with different propelled highlights. QuickBooks Online is the best of the options for QuickBooks for MAC. Call at QuickBooks Online Support number +1-800-816-6849 to explore to QuickBooks Online from QB Mac 2016

Alternatives for the Discontinued QuickBooks 2016 for All version Upgrade Your QuickBooks Mac 2016 to QuickBooks MAC 2019.


You can update your QuickBooks to the above recorded adaptations or the most recent QuickBooks 2019 however it is proposed you redesign your more established adaptation to the later one. You can discover the Download interface which is accessible on the landing page of their site. In the event that you have any questions and inquiries, at that point you can contact the Bigxperts group for the specialized help by approaching their helpline toll- free number ☎ +1-800-816-6849.

QuickBooks 2016 is the best of the options for Discontinuation QuickBooks 2016 for MAC. Call at QuickBooks Online Support number +1-800-816-6849.

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