Enter and Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop 2018


How to Enter and Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop 2018?

QuickBooks Desktop has a provision to delete or enter transactions in a set of batches. You can allow the entry of cheque/check, invoices, credit card charges/credits, deposits, bills, credit memos and bill credits in a batch all in your the latest QuickBooks Desktop 2018 editions. Along with it, you can also search for any QuickBooks transactions that were made previously.

Enter and Delete Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop 2018

Note: Create a backup for QuickBooks company file

Steps for entering the transactions in a batch for QuickBooks Desktop:


  • Click on the Accountant option and press the batch enter transaction option.
  • Select the type of Transaction and click Account option.
  • Open the Excel spreadsheet that has the transaction details that you want to record in your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Categorize them in columns in your Excel spreadsheet. This procedure is carried out to verify the distribution of column for the Batch Transaction Screen.
  • From your keyboard, press Ctrl + A, then right-click on the screen and click on Copy option from the drop down dialog box.
  • Enter the Transaction screen from the batch, you will have to right-click on the date field first and press paste option.

Note: If the current company file is not listed then the name and account will be displayed in red color. Select the name or account and then press Quick Add or Set Up.

Steps for entering the transactions in a batch for QuickBooks Desktop:

The older versions of QuickBooks i.e. QB Premier Accountant, QB Enterprise Accountant 2016, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 16.0 along with the latest solutions have in-built capability to delete transaction in batch. But for the older versions of QuickBooks Desktop, you need to follow the steps below:

    • If you are working on a transaction, it will be called as current transaction. Select it and press Ctrl + D to delete it.


      • When you delete a transaction, you may receive a warning box. You can escape the warning box message by going to


      • menu. Click on


      • and then press General option. Now, click on

My Preferences

      • option. Now uncheck the option for

Warn when deleting a transaction or unused list item.

        • Download Remove all transaction using Condense Data Utility from the Intuit Marketplace. It is a tool that will automatically remove all the transactions.


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