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Bookkeeping Services for Churches

Whether you choose to use our accounting services for churches or bookkeeping services, we will offer your ministry first-rate support and a team that is ready to help. Your team’s time will be freed up so they can return to their mission and you’ll have accurate information about the financial support for your church. Our team has seen just about every accounting issue that could occur because of our experience working with churches of all sizes and all over the country. Your church accounting needs will be met by our application of this knowledge and experience, allowing you to concentrate on your ministry.

At first glance, choosing a business might seem simple. Finding someone who is truly qualified in church bookkeeping is the biggest obstacle the church faces when choosing a company. Ministry leaders must comprehend these difficulties and appreciate the demand for industry experts because knowledge and experience are crucial. Our knowledge of the intricate problems relating to clergy tax law, clergy compensation, and church payroll is unmatched. Throughout the year, the church benefits from the expertise of our staff and support team.

You can choose the best partner for your church when selecting your bookkeeping service by asking the right questions. Do you comprehend the bookkeeping, account structure, and designated funds of the church? You can tell if the provider can assist your church with its compliance challenges based on the provider’s responses to these questions and whether they have in-depth knowledge of the issues your church may be experiencing.

If the bookkeeping process each day is the most stressful part of your week, you are probably not alone. Managing the church’s finances can be difficult, whether you work as the treasurer, bookkeeper, or human resources manager.

The monthly services we offer are listed below to guarantee that your accounting is completed accurately and quickly:

  • Services for Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Pay Bills
  • reconciliations every month
  • Record your expenses and income.
  • Managed Funds Designed
  • Payroll recording after the fact
  • Keep an account list up to date.
  • tracking fixed assets
  • Financial Reporting Every Month
  • GL Management: Tracking Benefit Balance
  • Every client relationship is viewed by us.

Our bookkeeping services will enable you to:

  • Obtain financial assurance for a reasonable cost.
  • Obtain dependable accountability that safeguards your church.
  • Make sure your books are in order.
  • Establish a solid base to expand your financial situation.
  • Find out from a team of ministry-minded experts.
  • Make more time for your ministry.

Church accounting is challenging. There are numerous duties, rules, paperwork, and calculations. It’s simple to make a mistake when there are so many things to keep in mind. Bookkeeping mistakes should not be taken lightly. Do you often find yourself devoting more time and effort to software problems and daily accounting tasks than to important decisions that will affect how your church is run? Owning your own books can quickly become overwhelming, causing other obligations to be neglected. Let our Resources manage your bookkeeping so you can focus on what you do best and keep your ministry thriving while we help you get back on track.

How Is Accounting in the Church Different?

Church accounting is very different from for-profit accounting, as we’ve already mentioned. This is logical! Since your church operates differently from a for-profit, having financial practices that are more appropriate to your situation will improve the accuracy and efficiency of your budgeting and financial management.

Benefits of our Churches Accounting service:

  1. Accounting: From data entry to the creation of your financial reports, we can handle every aspect of your church’s accounting. We are familiar with church fund accounting, and our church accountants will set up your books so that you can get custom reports that are tailored to your specific requirements. We will also take care of the year-end donation letters. 
  2. Bookkeeping: We can take care of every aspect of your church’s bookkeeping, from keeping track of deposits to paying bills. Since our church bookkeeping services are virtual and carried out from our office, we can assist you regardless of where your company is located. 
  3. Payroll: The Church Accountant is aware that you have unique payroll requirements because of the nature of your organization. We are familiar with the ins and outs of clergy payroll, including concerns with things like housing stipends and FICA/SECA considerations. You can rely on us to fulfil all your payroll obligations on time. 
  4. Controller Services: Our Virtual Controller Services give you the chance to work with a qualified accountant who has extensive experience managing businesses of all sizes without having to pay the high salary that would typically go along with it. Most churches won’t ever require a full-time controller, but that doesn’t mean they won’t require “big picture” financial guidance.

    You can get assistance with every aspect of your church’s finances from comprehensive bookkeeping services. For the purpose of assisting you in creating ministry strategies, we gather, process, and deliver precise and timely financial information. To learn more about how your church is doing financially and operationally, you can also get feedback on those areas. Our monthly services are listed below to make sure your accounting is completed correctly and quickly.

The 501(C)(3) tax code does not generally apply to churches:

Your church falls under this category and is not required to pay federal income tax. Additionally, it implies that you probably employ a system of fund accounting for your church, categorizing your revenue sources into different pots in accordance with how the organization intends to use and distribute them. This aids churches in keeping their constituents and supporters in the forefront of their efforts.

Even accountants with a basic understanding of for-profit accounting can gain from a review of church-specific accounting procedures because this focus on accountability diverges significantly from the for-profit mindset of profitability.

In order to expand the mission and goals of the church, church accounting always puts the organization’s mission and goals first. All revenue is reinvested back into the business to further goals.

As a 501(C)(3), churches are also required to adhere to the IRS’s regulations and use generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) for a variety of documents and reports.

Advantages of contracting out your bookkeeping:

  1. Saves money: Rather than hiring a full-time internal employee, outsourcing bookkeeping allows you to have a capable and knowledgeable person handle your books. (I serve a lot of small churches and non-profit organizations, and I can keep their books for a reasonable fixed monthly fee.)
  2. Peace of mind: By outsourcing your bookkeeping to a qualified and knowledgeable company like our Bookkeeping Services, you are putting your financial records in the hands of a professional who is familiar with fund accounting and industry best practices.
  3. Accuracy: Be certain that transactions are being entered and categorized accurately and that your books are properly set up.
  4. Internal controls: It is bad practice to delegate all check writing, bookkeeping, and reconciliation to a single person. more info on internal controls
  5. Gain Time: By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you can spend more of your valuable time expanding your ministry or non-profit, which is what you do best.

How does our Bookkeeping services elevate your customer experience?

  • From tax preparation to filing, a committed team of experts is available to help you throughout the year.
  • You’ll never have to forget a tax deadline or a chance to take advantage of a tax break again thanks to year-round support from a team of experts. From beginning to end, we will guide you through the procedure.
  • Forget about premium plans or additional costs. According to your needs, BELAY will tailor its tax services. offering you only the things that you require.

Is it better to hire or outsource a church accountant?

By outsourcing your church’s accounting requirements, you’ll have access to a seasoned church accountant who has dealt with a wide range of queries and problems at other churches and can advise you on the most effective solutions to deal with the most frequent hiccups. Most small churches also don’t require a full-time financial manager. Churches can obtain the knowledge they require in an accountant through outsourcing, which is a cost-effective option.

Few church professionals began their careers in accounting. Instead, your field is populated by people who believe God has called them to give back to their communities and spread the gospel. As a result, you’ll probably look for outside help to handle the accounting duties at your church.

Due to this, most churches only have the choice of hiring staff members or outsourcing their accounting needs.

  • Hiring an In-House Accountant: For large churches with the financial means to fill the position on a full-time basis, in-house accountants are frequently the best option. The cost of hiring someone to devote their entire time to your organization will be slightly higher, but you’ll be able to find someone who will get to know your church and its unique needs because they’ll be spending all their time there. 
  • Outsourcing Your Church Accounting Needs: For the majority of churches, outsourcing your accounting requirements makes a lot more sense than hiring someone to fill the full-time position of a church accountant. Although you won’t get the same level of specialized care as someone who devotes their entire life to your church, you will still gain something equally important: experience.

Church accountants like you can learn more about the organization’s financial position and health through this special form of financial management. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to make plans that will have the greatest impact possible within the constraints of your organization’s financial capacity. We advise churches like yours to consider carefully who will be the most qualified to handle your organization’s accounting requirements. Outsourcing your accounting requirements is the best choice for the majority of small to mid-sized businesses. It gives you the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure sound financial situations.


Every client relationship is seen by us as a partnership, and we firmly believe that the assistance and support we provide to each client contributes to our success. Our goal is to give each client our undivided attention. We take pride in assuring you that the customized help you get reflects our dedication to excellence.

Our offerings can be beneficial. For more information on how we can manage your church’s accounts and offer financial insights to help you succeed, take a look at our accounting and bookkeeping services tailored specifically for church organizations.



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