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Bookkeeping Services for Dentists

The time needed to expand their practices is frequently an issue for dentists. They need to manage team members, run reports, assess their company’s performance, and look for ways to boost profits. We recognize that income statements—which show the cash flow into the practice, the cash flow out of the practice, and the balance—are necessary for dentists to assess overall performance. It takes a lot of time and effort to enter the data needed to create these crucial financial documents. It’s time to turn some of those concerns over to experts. Our dental accounting services can help you organize your financial records and make it simple to return to a more narrowly focused approach to oral health and brilliant smiles.

A dental practice’s top priority should be maintaining up-to-date, accurate financial statements. Dental professionals can quickly decide on important business decisions when they have clear financial data at their fingertips. To help dentists and other oral healthcare providers minimize their tax liabilities and boost their bottom lines each year, we offer a tailored experience.

We offer financial reporting to improve the efficiency of your dental practice. We provide a variety of bookkeeping services to dentists and other dental professionals that present fresh chances to enhance their practice. Due to our in-depth understanding of the dental industry and years of experience in dental bookkeeping, we are able to create special accounting and bookkeeping solutions, especially for dentists. For you, we are here to handle all the time-consuming bookkeeping tasks. So that you won’t have to worry about the hassle of bookkeeping, we strive to offer you the best services at prices you can afford. Learn how we can assist you in meeting your practice’s bookkeeping needs by scheduling a free dental bookkeeping consultation right away.

Although we offer our services to a wide range of sectors, dental accounting is one that calls for a higher level of expertise and sector knowledge than many others. What medical equipment needs to be expensed and what needs to be depreciated? When do we need to pay attention to insurance company revenue? Should we outsource the billing for our medical care? Such queries call for professional guidance.

Common accounting duties for dental practices:

Finding the most tax-efficient accounting method for your business and comparing cash vs. accrual.

  1.  Analyzing your billing processes will help you decide when to record patient and insurance payment receipts as income on your financial statements.
  2.  Choosing which equipment should be depreciated and which equipment can be written off as an expense in the year of purchase.
  3.  1099 planning: tracking your payments to 1099 contractors and other professionals so that your 1099 forms can be prepared and sent out correctly at the end of the year.

Services for precise dental bookkeeping:

We are incredibly valuable to dental practices. For their bookkeeping requirements, many dentists employ internal accountants or bookkeepers. However, dental practices can save money on healthcare, payroll taxes, and numerous other personnel costs by outsourcing these services as opposed to hiring staff internally. We have effective procedures that are prepared to be put into use for your practice, saving you the money and time associated with having to hire someone from scratch.

Along with that, our expertise in the industry is incredibly valuable. Put an end to your time-consuming inquiries into how to depreciate your equipment, how to track your income, and what receipts you must retain. So that you can concentrate on managing your business, let us help you with your requirements.

Keeping track of financial transactions:

It is the responsibility of your bookkeeper to enter any income or outgoings into the accounting software used by your business. This entails classifying the “transaction” in an appropriate manner.

If your dental bookkeeping isn’t done properly, you’ll base your business decisions on shaky information. Then significant problems such as internal theft, unpaid bills, uncollected receivables, tax arrears, and unpleasant interactions with the IRS start to emerge.

The following will be recorded in your financial records, we’ll make sure of that:

  •  Point of Sale transaction
  •  Health insurance claims billing
  •  Accounts Receivable and Payable
  •  Cash flow
  •  Business bank accounts

We can efficiently and accurately record most of your company’s transactions without you having to do anything by combining off-the-shelf and conventional accounting solutions. To make sure there are no mistakes that could cost you money, our seasoned bookkeepers will review your books and financial records. Depending on your level as a practitioner, our team is trained to look for errors.

Keeping an eye on your dental practice’s finances:

Along with recording transactions, we’ll also keep tabs on your company’s cash flow. The total amount of money that comes into and leaves your business over a specific period is known as the cash flow.

Additionally, it’s likely that you’ll receive recurring payments for things like store rent, purchases, or insurance premiums. If there is a lack of cash flow, it may be difficult to pay for them. By keeping an eye on your cash flow and creating a cash flow statement, you can also keep track of any cash surpluses. For the benefit of your company, you can use this extra cash to finance expansion.

Sending invoices to clients:

A crucial part of bookkeeping is sending and receiving invoices to make sure you collect money. You typically send invoices to clients after a transaction or service to request payment. A receipt is not an invoice (a receipt serves as evidence of a transaction).

Making and sending invoices is crucial to your business’s revenue, so we will set up a system to help you keep track of all your invoices, even those that clients have not yet paid. This will make it possible for you to start earning money to support your efforts.

Reconciliation of Accounts:

The process of reconciliation is crucial in bookkeeping. Our bookkeepers will make sure that the various records are in balance and that the money leaving the account of your business matches the money that was spent. To help the automated systems catch anything that they might miss, we can help with multiple levels of reviews.

Identifying Potential Cash Flow Problems:

As a dentist, you don’t have a lot of free time to perform extra tasks like bookkeeping or other financial duties. The dental practice is at risk if you are the only person in charge of overseeing every aspect of your office. You run the risk of forgetting to pay bills or other obligations.

Professional bookkeepers with experience will monitor your payments and receipts, alert you to any potential cash flow issues, and provide guidance on how to prevent them in the future.

What’s most important to us is:

We are aware of the incredibly heavy workload that oral healthcare professionals like dentists deal with. It’s difficult enough trying to run a business, care for patients, deal with insurance companies, manage staff, and manage your finances and tax obligations. Every hour spent on these activities could instead be used to take care of patients and work to increase income.

  •  The use of technology and innovation in accounting procedures.
  •  Being available to answer your queries and sustaining consistent, unambiguous communication.
  •  Participate in strategic tax consulting and planning PRIOR to the end of the year.
  •  An abundance of expertise working with different healthcare professionals.
  •  Notification of tax law modifications that have an immediate impact on your business.

We are more familiar with dental office bookkeeping than any other dental accounting company:

By working with us, you can relax knowing that the finances of your dental practice are being handled accurately and efficiently. To ensure you always receive up-to-date reporting, we routinely supervise tasks like dental office bookkeeping and financial statement preparation. We’ll do everything we can to increase your bottom line, so you can rely on us! Our skilled dental accountants create plans and strategies while putting into practice the tools, services, and guidance required to assist you in making wise financial decisions that aid in the expansion of your business based on that dental bookkeeping consultation. For dentists and dental practices, Sigma creates specialized packages for dental bookkeeping services. 

The financial data we deliver to our clients in a timely and accurate manner is a hallmark of our CPA services for dentists. By implementing important, well-organized processes, our team of professional bookkeepers for dentists at our dental CPA firm in Columbia, Maryland, makes sure all your records are always up to date. As soon as we take over the management of your book, we guarantee that you won’t have to look at it again. We assure you that your bookkeeping is in excellent hands.

Your CPA’s Access:

For owners of dental practices, taxes can represent a sizable portion of cash outflow. We strongly advise tax preparation and performing at least one tax projection annually. This may enable you to reduce taxes and avoid unpleasant tax surprises.

We can grant the tax CPA of your choice access to the client portal. This enables them to have the information and monthly reports they require to offer timely tax advice.

  1. Bookkeeping and the creation of financial statements: Your books are updated and accurate thanks to our bookkeeping services. We keep track of transactions, income, and expenses in addition to assisting you with financial statement preparation. 
  2. Management of Accounts Payable and Receivable: We assist dentists in efficiently managing their accounts payable and receivable. We manage payment schedules, process invoices, and ensure prompt payment. 
  3. Processing of Payroll and Tax Compliance: We make sure that dental offices process payroll checks, figure out their payroll taxes, send in their payroll tax deposits, and abide by all local, state, and federal payroll laws. 
  4. Creating a budget and managing cash flow: We offer dental practices services such as cash flow analysis, forecasting, and budgeting to ensure efficient financial management. 
  5. Accounting and Financial Reporting: By creating financial reports and providing in-depth analysis of financial statements, our financial experts can assist dental practices in gaining a thorough understanding of their financial operations. 
  6. Consult with management: With the aid of our professionals, you can access in-depth analyses of your company operations, pinpoint areas for development, and create plans to boost sales and profitability. 
  7. Preparing taxes and planning taxes: Our tax services for dental practices assist them in reducing their tax obligations by utilizing tax-saving techniques, tax return preparation, and thorough tax planning and compliance. 
  8. Assistance with practice buying and selling: We conduct due diligence, carry out valuations, and offer negotiation advice to ensure smooth transactions and transfers during the acquisition and sale of dental practices.

What Makes Us Unique:

We comprehend your specific requirements when it comes to accounting and tax services for dentists. We are aware of the value of your time and the need for a partner who can deliver superior services without consuming an excessive amount of your time. We provide a wide range of services that can be customized to meet your unique needs as a result. For you to get to know us and for us to learn more about your company, we also provide free initial consultations.

Committed dental bookkeepers:

We’re dedicated to offering the best level of service possible when it comes to bookkeeping for dentists. We’re here to give your office the assistance it needs to expand its dental practice and meet its financial objectives. We have the knowledge to support you whether you’re a single dentist or a group of dentists. We are committed to providing accurate financial information in a timely manner. We’ll work with you to make sure you have the data you need to make wise decisions about your practice.

With years of experience in bookkeeping for dentists, our team is here to help you gain financial control and expand your dental practice.


We are committed to assisting dentists in their success. We provide a variety of services that can be customized to fit your unique needs. For you to get to know us and for us to learn more about your company, we also provide free initial consultations. To find out more about how we can assist you in expanding your dental practice, contact us right away.



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