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Bookkeeping Services for Landscaping Businesses

The Landscaping business is fantastic, but only during the off-season. When your company is seasonal and you experience erratic cash flow throughout the year, it can be difficult to be in control of your finances and your future. You ponder, “What am I going to do?” throughout the entire year. Regardless of the season, your company should be successful.

We can relate to the disappointment of seeing a company expand only to see the off-season completely exhaust it. With the Profit First system, we offer accounting and bookkeeping services for lawn care businesses so you can get out of debt, remain out of debt, and run a successful company. Profit First is our focus for landscapers so that our clients can enjoy a profitable business all year. Profit First bookkeeping flips traditional business accounting on its head by making a profit before paying expenses, rather than the other way around.

When managing your landscaping business, it’s simple to become bogged down by financial issues. Not to worry. We’ll guide you through each step of the procedure so you can confidently take over your company’s accounting. Lawn care, landscaping, snow removal, and tree care businesses benefit from our expert accounting and bookkeeping services because they improve billing, receive payments more quickly, and have better visibility into their financial situation.

You can spend more time managing the operations of your business by outsourcing your accounting and basic HR duties. We do more than just handle your books; we also give you advice on how to establish a positive rapport with your figures by delivering timely, accurate financial reporting. Our team specializes in bookkeeping services for contractors, including landscaping firms, lawn care companies, landscape architects, experts in commercial property maintenance, firms that provide pest control and fertilizer for lawns, as well as other professionals in the field. Our services are offered to landscaping businesses nationwide and are entirely online.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Advice for the Landscaping Industry:

  • Set up weekly invoicing and auto-pay to eliminate your worry about not having enough money for the next paycheck.
  • Using software designed to meet your needs, create a system for classifying your transactions so that you have financial statements you can rely on to make business decisions.
  • To prevent miscommunication, errors, and excessive spending, reconcile your bank accounts and credit cards each month. Making sure the transactions in your accounting program match up with your bank statements at the end of each month can accomplish this.

Why choose our services for your lawn care accounting?

  • We have a thorough understanding of accounting for lawn care businesses thanks to our recent work with green industry businesses.
  • We can identify where and how you can streamline your spending and boost your bottom line because we are Profit First Certified masters and have the knowledge and expertise to do so.
  • To ensure the success of your landscaping business, we have created a tested process.

How we assist the landscaping industry:

When you hire our accounting specialists to handle the bookkeeping for your landscaping company, they will:

  • Charge your clients.
  • Take credit card payments from clients.
  • Set up or repair your books -we can solve the biggest mess.
  • Connect to your company bank account and record all your income and expenses.
  • Enter your bills so you can see when and how much money will be taken out.
  • Pay your bills promptly.
  • Give you lucid reports so that you are always aware of the state of your company.
  • Pay your contractors or employees through direct deposit.

Why Is Bookkeeping Important for a Landscaping Industry?

Construction companies, landscaping businesses, and other skill-based businesses all face the same fundamental issue when it comes to bookkeeping because these businesses are skilled at building or maintaining real estate, they frequently need to prioritize the realities of the construction process and the physical labour required, which means that thorough financial records occasionally have to take a backseat. This isn’t because these companies don’t recognize the value of bookkeeping; rather, it’s because maintaining accurate records for budgeting, job costing, and tax preparation requires time that a busy owner might not have.

The key benefit of bookkeeping for managing a landscaping business is effective budgeting. It is difficult to understand your profitability in a way that enables you to make effective changes, to put it simply, without the kind of thorough financial data that comes from careful bookkeeping. Without a bookkeeping service, you might not be aware if, for instance, the cost of materials has increased or if the structure of your workforce is increasing the cost of year-end taxes, even if you are aware of how much money your business made that year. You can create a successful landscaping business plan with good bookkeeping, ensuring that you get the best return on your expertise, labour, and resources.

What separates our services from others?

We concentrate on bookkeeping for the landscaping industry. We’re not here to focus on a dozen different industries; instead, we’re here to concentrate solely on the best accounting procedures for landscapers. Our team, as opposed to a general accounting or bookkeeping team, can assist you in anticipating and navigating the difficulties faced by the landscaping industry.

With our assistance, you’ll discover how to forecast expenses, analyze cash flow, and be ready for unforeseen circumstances. Learn more about our services by scheduling a free 30-minute consultation. You are welcome to bring some financial statements to review or just your inquiries. Regardless of how crucial accurate bookkeeping is for landscaping companies, it’s best to think about hiring a pro to complete this task. A bookkeeper will maintain systematic records of your finances while avoiding errors that could harm your company. It will not only benefit your landscaping company greatly but also aid in business expansion. You can hire a service to handle your bookkeeping if you’re not comfortable with it.

Another advantage of hiring a bookkeeper for your landscaping company is that it will free you up to concentrate on other areas of the company. For your landscaping company, a qualified bookkeeper can create a cash flow system. This will allow you to concentrate on other areas of your business while the bookkeeper handles the financials. For small businesses, a bookkeeper will have the knowledge to create the ideal bookkeeping system for your landscaping company.

Software for landscapers’ accounting:

We can assist you whether you’re new to using online accounting software or simply need assistance making the most of your current setup. Our services range from organizing your current books to assisting you in selecting the best accounting software to completely relieving you of the responsibility of handling day-to-day accounting tasks.

We strongly advise all our clients to switch to QuickBooks Online or a comparable cloud-based solution for convenience and effectiveness. We make it simple to automate your bookkeeping procedures so you can better manage the finances of your company.

Landscapers who need management and growth consulting:

Understanding how to use your financials will help you grow your business more profitably, plan for sustainable growth, and put the right systems in place to take care of both short-term needs and long-term success.

The cornerstone of our consulting services is creating a precise financial picture of the state of your landscaping company. We’ll work with you to identify and strengthen areas that have a direct impact on your revenue as well as re-evaluate your spending for greater ROI.

When it comes to looking at the numbers that determine profitability, business owners should be confident and understand their cash flow. Having said that, not every business owner needs to be an accounting pro to run their business successfully. Numerous advantages that balance or even outweigh the initial cost can result from hiring an accounting firm to handle day-to-day operations.

Employing an accounting firm with experience in landscaping bookkeeping may be advantageous if you lack the time or resources to manage your own accounting, are concerned about the possibility of audits or the accuracy of your tax refund, or simply need a second opinion on lost productivity. Construction and landscaping professionals can spend more time getting the job done rather than worrying about the minute financial details thanks to small business accounting services.

Should I Work with a Consultant or Do It Myself?

Since doing your own bookkeeping is less expensive than hiring an expert, many landscapers start out by doing it themselves.

As your business grows, you will need to determine if you can afford to spend time indoors entering numbers when you could be outside focusing on lawn care. You can concentrate on providing excellent customer service and managing the areas of your company in which you are an expert by hiring a professional accountant to keep track of the money coming into and going out of your company.

You can get assistance with your tax filings by hiring a CPA. Through your financial statements, they will also assist you in recognizing patterns. You can discover the best knowledge to solve your financial problems from a CPA.


Keeping track of the books can be difficult when running a landscaping business. Up until this point, creating beautiful landscaping projects for your customers was probably the first thing on your thoughts. The last thing on your thoughts was probably keeping daily accurate books.

You quickly realize how crucial your financial data is to the long-term success of your small company when you consider it in terms of landscaping. A healthy lawn requires regular watering and fertilization of the vegetation. You can concentrate on providing your clients with better services and results by using professional bookkeeping assistance. We look forward to creating unique accounting solutions to help you get the most out of your business, whether you choose to meet with us in person or utilize our remote services. We offer nationwide service and are entirely online.


1. Is a bookkeeper only necessary for my landscaping company during tax time?

No. To help you run your landscaping business all year long, hire a bookkeeper. Fewer errors are made in the financial reporting of your business when organization and accounting are consistent throughout the year.

2. Why can’t I handle the bookkeeping for my landscaping company myself?

Running a landscaping business involves a lot of duties, just like running any other kind of business. Mistakes in bookkeeping can be expensive and should be handled by a specialist.

3. What taxes do I get to deduct from my landscaping company?

You can deduct anything you spend on your business from your taxes. This covers everything from insurance to equipment upkeep to equipment rentals or leases and even the bookkeeper who initially handled your finances.

4. How can I increase the profits of my landscaping company?

The three most important ways to increase the profitability of your landscaping business are to understand costs, conduct post-job cost analysis, and manage inventory. Giersch Group assists all the aforementioned. We’ll help you organize your finances and develop a long-term expansion strategy.

5. What type of bookkeeper should a landscaping company hire?

We are consultants who are well-versed in the tax and accounting requirements unique to the landscaping industry. This includes tax breaks for landscaping businesses and fuel tax credits.

6. What does a landscaper do?

Landscapers are aware of the significance of regularly watering a lawn. Consider accounting and bookkeeping as daily and long-term tasks that support the expansion of your small business. To make sure that all expenses and invoices are accurate, landscaping companies need to set aside some time each day to keep track of their books and arrange the paperwork.



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