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Finance with Fund Box and QuickBooks online

Enhance Your Finance with Fund Box and QuickBooks online

Fund box is a mini business tool created by group of financial professionals and technological innovators to help small business groups built their businesses independently, built stronger relationship with their customers and grow better revenue in their business.

Fund Box offers business owners smart and easy ways to process cash flow by improving payments. With these tools, freelancer and business owners are paid instantly for excellent invoices.

Finance with Fund Box and QuickBooks online offers

Finance with Fund Box and QuickBooks online allows business owners to easily manage cash flows. These tools eradicate gaps in cash flows by automatically clearing out invoices. Finance with Fund Box and QuickBooks online is able to clear thousands of bill statements every week, further improving cash flow and advancing payment for credit purchase. As a result, resolve the net problem that small business owner mostly suffer.

You can easily register for Fund Box, it will not cost you even 30 seconds of your time. Once you register, Fund Books will connect with your bookkeeping application and process all your invoices. You will start receiving funds into your bank account.

Check out the features that Fund Box comes with

  • 100% online, cheap and easy to use
  • Quick in clearing invoice in less time
  • Free subscription and setup
  • Flawless integration with latest bookkeeping software
  • Fees charged according to usage
  • Affordable price for clearing invoices
  • Multi- tasking in clearing invoices
  • Offer security while handling funding
  • Automatic funding and refunding process
  • Charged according to the usage
  • Cooperates with Xero, QuickBooks, Harvest, and Freshbooks

As the issues of late payments on small business invoices has become a major problem. Intuit has taken steps to solve this issue by creating partnership with Fund Box. This offers ability to small- sizes business to maintain ownership over their business invoices. With QuickBooks, Fund Box you can now save time while processing your invoices. Fund Box will automatically cover all invoices until all payments are made. In addition you can create direct contact with your customer, hence, improving customer relationship.

Key Benefits of Fund Box with QuickBooks online

  1. Excellent work speed: To apply, just connect to QuickBooks and provide credentials. You will receive a conformation in just 3 minutes.
  2. Extremely easy: Once, your application is approved, process to withdraw funds. You will receive as quick as on the following day
  3. Fare and transparent: There are no fees charged to apply. You will need to pay only while drawing funds.

How Finance with Fund Box and QuickBooks online

  • Once your application is approved, click on Get App Now. Fund Box will connect itself with your QuickBooks application.
  • Once Fund Box connects with your QuickBooks, it will analyse the information in your company file and give credit decision in an hour.
  • For quick funds truncation, Fund Box credit in your QuickBooks-
    1. Select Transactions Tab and mark on Sales
    2. Click on Advance Payment and select the unpaid invoice.
    3. You will start receiving funds shortly on the following day

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