Firewall setup for QuickBooks Point of Sale


firewall is a security software or physical device designed to block unauthorized connectivity or access based on a certain standard. You can set the firewall on any, either on the workstation or server. It will be able to block communication between workstation and QuickBooks Point of sale. Hence, Firewall controls overall access to a network with a positive control model that means Firewall define which traffic can access the network.

Firewall setup for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Firewall configuration has a significant role to play in the QuickBooks Point of Sale communication. It helps users in sending data to client and server workstation. At times, when the access point is blocked by Firewall, QuickBooks Point of Sale tends to configure the QuickBooks firewall automatically for you.

Sometimes, it is possible that you will have to setup Firewall manually, if you are not aware how to do it, relax and read through the content. In this article, we have typed in the steps to manually set Firewall.

Also, note down some of the processes that are interrupted when QuickBooks Point of Sale is blocked:

  1. Electronic Funds TransferCredit card processor of Intuit Merchant Services
  2. Database Server Manager– Connect and record transactions or any changes in the company file
  3. Intuit Entitlement Service– User validation and Product license

Firewall setup for QuickBooks Point of Sale

Before you begin the steps to setup Firewall for QuickBooks Point of Sale, you need to first ensure the following points:

  1. Verify that you obtained the Windows Administrator rights to perform the steps.
  2. In case, you are processing a third-party security program make sure that you added Executable files and the Firewall Ports that are required by QuickBooks Point of Sale.
  3. Get in touch with your third-party security program developer.

Once all the above points are checked, you can perform the steps to manually set up Firewall for QuickBooks Point of Sale:

  1. Go to the Control Panel.
  2. Click on the Windows Firewall.
  3. Click on the Advanced Settings then press on Inbound
  4. Now, select New Rule
  5. Click on the Portthen Next
  6. Enter the port numbers or check on the section of Point of Sale and then click on Next
  7. Click on the Allow Connection then click on Next.
  8. Type in the name of the firewall rule
  9. To end select Finish option

Note: When you attempt to set Firewall you will be first asked a question and given some options like permit, grant, block, deny, or something alike. You have to select allow, permit, or grant the action. Remember that allowing one action will not enable all the actions in the program. There should be a separate permission for a particular action

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