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Guide For QuickBooks Online Bank

Guide For QuickBooks Online Bank

Using QuickBooks Bank Feed automatically connects transactions directly to QuickBooks. It allows the user to import all transactions from a credit card or bank into the QuickBooks system.

When working with QuickBooks Bank Feed sometimes we face difficulty processing our system due to many reasons like system errors, transaction errors, and many more.

In the following 4 part series, we offer you some important tips to run your bank feeds in a more efficient and productive way. This will help you gain more advantage in running your QuickBooks Online Bank Feed.

How to use Online Banking, Connect Bank Accounts, and Review your Bank Feed in QuickBooks Online

We give you five tips have better connections and organized better bank feeds:

  1. Seek for better Financial Institutions and make sure that your login works
  2. Choose the Number of Days to be imported, it is suggested to choose the day when the bank was last submitted in QuickBooks
  3. Use the File Upload, and update the file
  4. Use the Update Button; Updating is another great step in troubleshooting all connectivity issues
  5. Always rearranges your accounts.
  6. To Manage your Bank Rules

After your credit card and bank accounts are connected, bank rules guides you customize, control, and automate transactions saving your time entering data.

Follow the five tips below to create Bank Rules:

  1. Explore and re-establish Your Conditions to entry transaction automatically
  2. Always remember you have the liberty to split transaction
  3. Make use of Automatic Add but with caution
  4. Manage your rules by rearranging or editing them
  5. You can Work with ProAdvisor and save your time and energy
  6. Adding your transactions

After your credit card and bank accounts are connected, QuickBooks scans your bank data and search for rules, matches, and get familiar with transactions. After the data is reviewed you can match bank feed transactions with current transactions in QuickBooks.

Follow the steps to add your transactions:

  1. Configure the Settings your Bank Feed
  2. Sort your Bank Feed by column
  3. Make sure your transaction details are always Completed
  4. If not needed, Automatic Categorization must be turned off
  5. Make the best use of Batch Actions in order to Save Time
  6. To match transactions easily

Follow the steps to match your transactions:

  1. Run Register in another Tab or Window
  2. To view, like able matches use the Similar Records Found option
  3. In order to manually match transaction opt for Find Match Tool
  4. Find Transactions in QuickBooks using Search
  5. If not needed, exclude the transactions, but with caution

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