How do I Export from Quickbooks to Excel


In today’s cognitive business landscape, QuickBooks is one of the most sought-after accounting applications preferred by organizations across-the-board. So, if you are looking forward to proceeding with QuickBooks export to excel workbooks, this article will be of real help. You can successfully save and analyze reports in Excel worksheets – all in just a few simple steps.
In this article, you will be able to learn the easy steps of exporting reports to Excel format in both QB online and desktop versions. Here we go!

Save and Visualize Reports to Excel from QuickBooks Desktop

  1. First of all, you are required to open QuickBooks and thereafter select the “Reports” tab and from there you need to click on “Reports Center”.
  2. Now, search and open up any report that you are willing to save and analyze in Excel format
  3. Once done, from the toolbar, choose “Excel”.

Note: You are also presented with the option to save the report in PDF file format.

In order to create a new excel worksheet, you are requested to choose “Create New Worksheet”. Let’s say, if you are willing to update the older or existing workbook in the opened report, simply click on “Update Existing Worksheet”. Moving ahead, opt for the “Browse” option and search for the Excel file on your system. Not to forget, this process will overwrite the existing sheet. If you are willing to do data formatting, you can opt for the “Advanced” option.

Note: You must ensure that a report should not exceed 256 columns. In a situation, wherein an error message pops-up saying that you have exceeded the columns, go back to the “Advanced” option, select and uncheck the “space between the columns box” and hit “OK “to proceed. Also, the reports can be saved in a “CSV” format.

Once you are all set to export, click on “OK. In order to open the report in Excel file format, hit on the “Export” option.

Save and Visualize Reports to Excel from QuickBooks Online

There’s no second thought that QB online presents an array of features that makes accounting tasks reliable, easy, and fastidious. Here is how to export reports in Excel file format to QB online:

  1. Firstly, you are required to select “Reports”
  2. Once you have selected Reports option, you need to determine the report that you are willing to proceed with for the exporting process
  3. Now, at the top navigation, you need to hit on the “Export” option. Thereafter, choose “Export to Excel” option
  4. Lastly, choose the location wherein you can easily find out the files stored.

In a situation when you opened the report in Excel file format and observed that some of your data is missing – don’t panic! This happened because of the file’s protected view. The solution is easy! Simply, go to the “Enable Editing” option in Excel, and you can view the comprehensive report.

If you get stuck somewhere in the middle and do not feel confident to proceed with the process, you can reach out to the QB helpdesk at 18008166849 for a quick resolution.

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