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How do I Recover an Old QuickBooks Password?

Over the years, forgetting passwords have become a common phenomenon and has been on an increase ever since. It is a high possibility that you may forget your QuickBooks password over time. Let’s start with Recover an Old QuickBooks Password.

To deal with this uprising issue, the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool was launched in a bid to provide users to restore their access.

Here, we will discuss how to use the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool to recover passwords

Why do you need to recover your QuickBooks Password?

It is important to recover your QuickBooks password. The primary reason is it will help you to access all the data which a user has stored in their QuickBooks files.

To protect a business from any kind of unauthorized access, it is important to have a strong password. It is imperative to recover an old password and change it in order to prevent the leakage of crucial data about the clients or their business.

Add to it, it is important to recover an old password since it will lock you out from using any information if you do not have the right password.

How to reset your QuickBooks Company Password?

  1. In your QuickBooks Company file account, type in the password when it prompts.
  2. Add the answers to the security questions and press OK.
  3. The Password Removed screen appears. Press Close
  4. QuickBooks will prompt you to select a new password along with security questions.
  5. Add the information and press OK. Open the specific file with the particular new password

QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool

  1. Open the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool.
  2. Add the information requested and press Submit
  3. Once the information is authenticated, you will receive the Service Agreement form.
  4. Download it after reading
  5. After downloading, open the downloads and click the QuickBooks auto data recovery application
  6. Press the Browse button and choose the company file which is locked
  7. Choose Next and log in to your email account linked with the QuickBooks.
  8. You will receive a security code in the email. Use it in the Password reset window.
  9. Select a new password and press Next
  10. The tool will reset the new QuickBooks password
  11. Open the company file and enter the password used in the step before.
  12. Add a new password and select the security questions. Press OK.

Note: Please ensure the new password should have the right number of characters and numbers. It should be complex and not an easy one in order to prevent it from being easily hacked.

Hope all your doubts are cleared regarding how to recover an old QuickBooks password for access. However, if you still have any questions regarding recovering an old QuickBooks password, do connect with us through Live Chat for prompt assistance.

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