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How do I Remove a Customer Account Balance in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

When it comes to QuickBooks Point of Sale, there are certain aspects one needs to pay special attention to.

When you are accessing the Point of Sale, be it from Client Workstation or the Server, there are a few prerequisites that are required to be met before proceeding.

  • The Server Workstation is required to be turned on; however, the Point of Sale should not be running.
  • Firewall software should be configured in a systematic manner to enable Point of Sale elements to access the required ports.

Removing a Customer Account Balance in QuickBooks: Points to Remember

Retail stores along with other businesses where computerized Point of Sale equipment is the norm to process any form of purchase, can incorporate the QuickBooks software like QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Premier, or QuickBooks Enterprise. These versions can be integrated into your present system to monitor and track customer data.

Any kind of update related to customer account balance will happen automatically during the regular data exchange between QuickBooks Point of Sale and your Financial Software. However, if you wish to clear out the account balance of a customer completely in QuickBooks Point of Sale, it is mandatory to eliminate the corresponding invoice in the QuickBooks Financial Software.

How to Remove/Delete a Specific Customer Account Balance in QuickBooks?

Often, you may come across a customer who does not have a proper balance in their account. For instance, this might happen when there is a transaction from a completely different file that was not carried over.

In QuickBooks Point of Sale, it is not possible to delete the transaction; hence you will require adjusting it with any type of refund or credit.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open your QuickBooks account and press the Customers tab on the home page.
  2. Choose Customer Center. Choose the customer whose specific account balance you wish to clear out from the section known as Customers and Jobs.
  3. Select the arrow beside the drop-down box visible in the Transactions section and select invoice from the particular menu that gets displayed.
  4. Click the invoice twice and open it. Choose Edit and then select Delete Invoice. Confirm it.
  5. Click OK and clear out the customer balance. It will change to $0 everywhere in a particular program.
  6. Open your specific QuickBooks Point of Sale. Click and open the Update QuickBooks Now as visible on the main window. QuickBooks Point of Sale will update the customer balance information to $0.

Note: On account of the error, there may be small balances like overpayment or underpayment. It is highly recommended to remove the amounts. It is highly recommended to consult accounting professionals before you take such a major step.

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