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How do I Set Up Child Support Withholding in QuickBooks?

Child Support Withholding is the amount that is left after the deduction of tax from the paycheck of an employer.

When it comes to child support, an individual is entitled to have more than one. In this blog, you will come across essential aspects of Child Support Withholding and how to set it up in QuickBooks.

Points to Remember

Here are some important points to remember when it comes to Child Support Withholding:

  • It can be a specific tax amount taken out from an employee’s bank check
  • Your payroll item list can comprise of deductions made for a particular employee
  • An individual employee can have multiple Child Support Deductions
  • It is not mandatory to incorporate the liability accounts of every employee in your specific Chart of Accounts.

How to set up Child Support Withholding in QuickBooks?

  1. Navigate through the list-menu and then Select Payroll Item
  2. Select New
  3. Select Customer Setup or the EZ Setup as per your specific requirements
  4. Select Next
  5. Select the Deductions option and then choose Next
  6. Allocate a name for the payroll deductions, for instance, Child Support John for employee Dan
  7. Select Next
  8. Add the name of the enterprise for which liability is required to be paid. Add the agency name later if you do not have it at the moment.
  9. Select Next and the Tax Tracking Type drop-down appears.
  10. Select it
  11. Select the None option and then choose Next
  12. A default tax window appears on the screen. Select Next
  13. Ensure you choose ‘Net amount after taxes’ from the Net vs Gross window
  14. This will determine the deductions made before the taxes
  15. If gross is selected, add a Default Rate and Limit along with percentage and decimal sign
  16. Select Finish


How long it takes for Child Support to assign wages?

As per local child agencies, the wage assignment is hurled to the employer within 15 days of the period the LCSA located the employer.

An employer doesn’t hold child support. What happens next?

Employer penalties are evident, especially if the employer fails to withhold forcefully.

What is the highest amount of Child Support withholding that can be garnished?

The maximum amount of child support withholding that can be garnished is 25%.

Setting up child support withholding is a mandatory aspect for businesses these days; however, some businesses are still waiting to be a part of it.

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