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How do you Handle Credit when Receiving Payment using QuickBooks?

When you handle a credit while receiving payment via QuickBooks, you are entitled to a much faster and quicker transfer, saving you from the hassle of delayed deposit.

Also, receiving payments via QuickBooks can help you to track all your invoices conveniently. You can schedule the invoices for an automatic transfer to the customers either in bulk or individually.

There are ample benefits of using QuickBooks Payments to handle credit. Read on to know more.

Benefits of using QuickBooks Payments to handle a credit

Here are the primary benefits of using QuickBooks payments when handling a credit:

Email invoices along with a Pay Now link

Clients love it when they experience the ease of making payments. With a Pay Now link, it becomes very easy for customers to pay and save time.

Automatic reconciliation of Invoices and Payments

When you are using QuickBooks, it automatically updates your invoices and your books. Automatic reconciliation eliminates the most time-consuming job of aligning the payments with invoices and then reconciling them with your bank statements.

Payments directly credited to the bank

QuickBooks enables you to deposit credit card payments automatically from your clients in 2-3 days, helping you evade the hassle of manual transfers.

There are a number of ways to process a credit so that it gets displayed in QuickBooks online.

How to handle credit when receiving payment in QuickBooks?

Receiving payments for an invoice

When you sent an invoice to your customers, you do expect a payment. In this way, applying the payment to process an open invoice is possible.

  1. In QuickBooks, Choose New
  2. Choose Receive Invoice Payment or Receive Payment
  3. Enter the customer information along with the payment date
  4. In the specific Outstanding Transactions area, choose an open invoice in order to take the payment forward.
  5. In the specific Payment method drop-down menu, choose Credit Card
  6. Add Credit Card details
  7. Add the information related to the credit card and Swipe Card
  8. Choose Process Credit Card. Click Save.

Prepare a Sales Receipt

In case you do not prefer invoices, it is possible to process a particular credit card via a sales receipt.

  1. Choose New
  2. Choose Sales receipt and add customer info
  3. Enter the product or service details for selling
  4. From the particular Payment method drop-down, choose Credit Card
  5. Choose Enter Credit Card details
  6. Add the credit card info or you can Swipe Card
  7. Choose Process Credit Card and click Save.

By following the above steps, you can handle credit when receiving payment in QuickBooks. Still, if you are not confident about it, take professional assistance.

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