How to disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC


QuickBooks is an bookkeeping solution that runs smoothly on Windows operating system as well as MAC operating system. It is desktop version that is available in the Pro, Premier and Enterprise versions. While making a transaction, merchant services are required. But if you want to disable the Merchant Services then you will have to read this illustrated article below.

How to disable Merchant Services in QuickBooks MAC


The steps in this article will help you in disabling the Merchant Services for the QuickBooks MAC.

Solution I:

  • From your MAC system, press the Command ⌘ along with F, from your keyboard.
  • Go to the Keychain option and click on Keychain Access.
  • In the search column, type the keyword QuickBooks and press the Connection ticket(s) option for the QuickBooks merchant services.
  • Press Edit and then go to Delete option.
  • A pop-up will appear on your window that will ask you to give the confirmation.
  • Now, the MAC service will be disabled.
  • To remove all the miscellany files and folders, you should log out of your QuickBooks and reboot your system.

Solution II:

The automatic update highlight tool that has some exceptional features that will automatically install those updates that will help you in disabling the Merchant Services for QuickBooks MAC. This procedure is extremely simple and easy, if you want to install the QuickBooks for your system.


Important Points:

These points should be followed before the installation of the QuickBooks application.

  • Refreshing the process requires a lot of energy/power.
  • There are occasions when the refresh procedure needs those documents that are changed over. It may include reinforcement and closing the business forms for some duration of time.
  • If a client introduces refreshes, then the other clients too will need to introduce the refresh.
  • There may be issues with updates and you need to refresh as it sometimes resolves the issues.

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