How TO Fix QuickBooks Error Code -6073,-816


QuickBooks Error Code 6073, -816 is one amongst those QuickBooks errors which do not really cause a long time trouble. These type of errors can be fixed with a just a few troubleshooting steps.

How TO Fix QuickBooks Error Code -6073,-816

Be it the by following the steps mentioned in the article which aim to help you fix this QuickBooks trouble with minimal stress or by calling our QuickBooks tech helpdesk. The helpline number is +1-800-816-6849.

After dialing this number you will be directed to our Bigxperts QuickBooks tech team, and they will help you to solve this QB trouble with ease. The fact that most of the QB tech errors can be easily fixed by just a couple steps makes QB a favorite amongst all the accounting solutions.

Though, this also remains true that not a lot of QB errors occur that frequently as the software is intelligently designed. However, when they do, you always have the option to fix them.

In order to solve any problem, even this QB error, first we need to find out the causes that lead to the problem.

Listed below are the major reasons that lead to this QB problem:

  • A plenty of workstations have enables the hosting setting, and not just only one of them
  • A host of diverseissues of QB accounting software on the server as well as on the affected computer
  • Inapt and not complete file authorizations
  • Not running of the Database Manager service
  • There may be some error or damage in the network data file (.nd) or the file is misplaced or may be marked as hidden
  • Also, sometimes when the transaction log file is hidden due to some setting then also this problem can happen
  • At times even some of the security programs hinder the performance of the network traffic
  • May some of the software is presently scanning the QB company file
  • QuickBooks is trying to run a planned backup when the company file is in use
  • Or probably the company file is corrupted or damaged

Now that you know the reasons, here is how you can fix this QB problem:

Method Number One

There is some kind of a difference in the installations on the computer and QuickBooks server:

  • In this case you would have to upgrade the software to the newestedition both on the computers as well as on the server
  • In case the similar problem again pops up, then you may have to proceed to the further steps

Method Number Two

The hosting is unnecessarily on either on two or several workstations

  • You would have to turn of the hosting at major places
  • Get to the settings in which says QuickBooks was not able to open your company file, in order to alter hosting settings properly.

Our Assistance channels

Many of the users have successfully solved the problem by following either of the steps mentioned above. If you are unable to do so, then there are other ways too, and to know them you might want to call our QuickBooks technical helpline on +1-800-816-6849. Here, our Bigxperts QuickBooks technical team will guide you!

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