How to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop performance issues


QuickBooks Desktop is an exceptional accounting software. When you are working on your QuickBooks software, there are instances when you may come across certain performances. There are several issues that are related to performance which you may encounter while working on the QuickBooks Desktop application. Some of the issues are listed below:

How to Resolve QuickBooks Desktop performance issues

• Opening files take a lot of time.
• When multiple users are signed in to the Company file, the task related to it slows down.
• As the day progress, the Company files slow down.
• Performance issues in all the systems on the network.
• Performance issues for selective systems on the network.
• Intermittent performance issues i.e. there are some tasks that are quick while others are taking an ample amount of time.
• Multiple data files have similar data issues. These issues indicate the network is damaging your data files.

The size of your data files increases when you are working on your QuickBooks desktop application on a regular basis. When your file increases, it needs more resources to function properly. So, it is advised you enhance your network at regular intervals.

Here are some ways through which you can easily ensure your network setup:

  • Enhancing the computer systems.
  • Location where you have saved your Company File.
  • Type of network


There are various issues that may be responsible for your performance issues. You can identify your issues with the symptoms that occur. It is advised that before proceeding to solutions for various issues, you should update your software to the latest product releases. Here is a solution for your Disk Defragmentation issues.

  • Create a QuickBooks portable backup file.
  • If your file is located on the network. Then go to the server computer and perform the disk defragmentation task. In case, your system is using SSD, then do not perform disk defragmentation.
  • For Disk Defragmentation, follow the steps below:
  • Go to Windows Start and go to All Programs
  • Go to Accessories and then click on System Tools
  • Click on Disk Defragmenter and press Defragment
  • Follow the instructions that will be displayed on your computer screen. This action will take several minutes to complete.

After the completion of the task, reboot your system.

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