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How to Transfer a Template from QuickBooks to Upgraded QuickBooks?

When it comes to transferring templates from QuickBooks to the upgraded QuickBooks, it is not an easy task for all.

The lack of any direct method for transferring templates makes this task a complicated one. If any custom invoice template is created, it can be shared between company files, however, in order to do so, the template must be exported from the primary company file, and then it should be imported to the other company file.

Note: When it comes to finalizing an invoice template, the first step is to identify the industry type for your business. The right type of invoice for your particular business comprises of fields that are related to the type of services you deliver.

Why do you need to transfer a template from QuickBooks to upgraded QuickBooks?

Business owners, sometimes, alter their business entity type. For instance, switching from sole proprietorship to something like S corporation requires the preparation of a new company file in QuickBooks.

Customized invoices, prepared for old company files can be exported and then imported to new company files. This, in turn, will save an ample amount of time and additionally will recreate every invoice template.

Additionally, invoice templates are far better than other types of billing methods, since they are simple, reasonably-priced, and tagged as the best option to keep business finances under control.

By creating invoice templates and transferring them to upgraded QuickBooks, you can reap a host of benefits like:

  • Invoice templates are completely free
  • Creates a professional impact on customers
  • Templates can be downloaded in formats like PDF< XLS, DOC, CSV, etc.
  • Invoice templates comprise fields like address, business name, contact details, etc.

How to transfer a template from QuickBooks to updated QuickBooks?

Here is a step-by-step explanation of how you can transfer a template from QuickBooks to updated QuickBooks:

Importing an Invoice Template

  • Select Lists
  • Select Templates
  • Choose the drop-down arrow beside the Templates and select Import
  • Search for the file, and then select Open

Exporting an Invoice Template

  • In your QuickBooks account, open the Template window.
  • Select the drop-down beside the Templates and then select Export
  • Select a folder where you wish to save it and then choose Save

Note: The transfer of invoice templates from QuickBooks to upgraded QuickBooks is necessary, due to the following favourable factors:

  • Convenient to compose reminded email update
  • Scheduling of email sharing for a particular list of customers is possible, even with overdue balances
  • Creating client-specific late-paying client list, mailing list, etc.


Transferring templates from QuickBooks to Updated QuickBooks is imperative and very crucial. Give it a try by adhering to the above-mentioned steps.

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