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How to Void Receipt in QuickBooks Point of Sale?

Before you void receipts in QuickBooks, it is important to know what a Sales Receipt in QuickBooks is.

A Sales Receipt in QuickBooks is like a document that provides detailed information about the goods or services purchased from you. During the point of sale in QuickBooks, when users receive payment from clients they need to show sales receipts in QuickBooks to register both the payment and transactions.

After a sale is over, the receipts can be stored in the QuickBooks database for any kind of future reference. As per QuickBooks, it is highly recommended to keep track and record of all the transactions that are completed. However, the old receipts can be deleted if they are not needed any longer.

Also, it is recommended by QuickBooks that instead of deleting the receipts, it is better to void them. Voiding alters the transaction amount to zero and then marks the specific receipt as paid.

When can you void a receipt or refund?

Here are two scenarios when you can void a receipt or refund:

  • If the point of a sale payment transaction is declared void before the payment processing, you will not require to pay any fee.
  • In case you need to refund a customer, either the complete amount can be given back or certain products, services can be.

How to void receipt on QuickBooks point of sale?

If for your business payments, you have QuickBooks payments allotted only then can you process the credit card payments of your clients in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

In some cases, you require to refund or void payments. Here is step-by-step guidance on how to refund or void a particular payment transaction in your QuickBooks Point of Sale, or provide credit to customers.

Note: Kindly follow the steps mentioned below to create a backup first and then void or delete the sales receipts in the QuickBooks.

  1. Install the QuickBooks Application
  2. In the file section, select it and prepare a backup
  3. Save the backup in any location you like
  4. Once the backup is complete, press on Invoicing or Sales based on the QB set up
  5. Click on All Sales
  6. Press Filter and in the Transaction type, find out the Sales Receipt, and then press Apply.
  7. Point out the same Sales Receipt you wish to Delete
  8. On the very bottom of the same screen, choose More Options and then select the Delete option
  9. When you get a prompt for Yes, click to confirm the removal or void of Sales Receipt.

Do not worry if you fail to do it the very first time. However, if you lack time and wish to get it done the very first time, we recommend chatting with an expert.

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