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Hurry Upgrade Your Old QuickBooks Desktop 2018 to QuickBooks 2021

When the thought of improving productive outcomes pops up in your head the first thing that comes in the mind is whether you are using the best tools appropriate to the business.  Probably, it’s hard to find suitable accounting software to help you in tackling the ongoing accounting requirements.

Hence when any new updates available on the version immediately explore the new improvements and go for an update or upgrade without any hesitation to enhance the security and functionality of the system. So if you are using the old version of QuickBooks Hurry! Upgrade from Old QuickBooks Desktop 2018 to QuickBooks 2021.

We have got relevant facts for the QuickBooks users in the below write-up! Sit back and read on, as you will get lots of essential things about the upgrade process.

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Step by step instructions for the upgrade to the latest QuickBooks Desktop 2021 version

Let’s delve into the below article to Check out the trending features of QuickBooks Desktop 2021 and the step-wise guidance to confidently proceed with the update process of the latest release to get an exceptional experience. The upgrade process in QuickBooks will exponentially become simpler when you have a pertinent guide So that you follow the instructions in sequence to complete it efficiently.

Top 10 New Features In QuickBooks Desktop 2021:

Need Automation to enhance competitiveness and time-saving options? Then Download the Hurry Upgrade from Old QuickBooks Desktop 2018 to QuickBooks 2021. This edition comes with a bunch of new automation features and new improvements. Let’s explore the below section compiled with highlighting features before updating it.

Streamline Bank Feeds:

If you want to breeze out the complexity of entering banking transactions then there is good news for you. Hurry Upgrade from Old QuickBooks Desktop 2018 to QuickBooks 2021 comes with an improved Bank feeds option which assures you to save more time. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for the automatic categorization of bank transactions. It in turn helps you to use improved protocols, matching, and batch editing to get in-depth information.


  • Enhance data integrity with exceptional matching and fewer manual entries
  • Fast review and solving discrepancies
  • Quickly refine the search with categorization criteria

Better Receipt Management:

Automation in managing receipts is a wonderful time-saving feature to reduce the efforts of manual data entry. Through this new QB version, you can automatically make and categorize receipt transactions. Also easily capture receipt data, simply take a photo, import and review them


  • No worries about losing receipts
  • Ease of storing digital copies of receipts
  • Enhance Accuracy with better categorization
  • Stay organized with the digital records of images
  • Easy review process

Rule-Related Customer Groups:

It allows making rule-based customer groups according to fields such as status, customer type, balance, and location. It in turn helps in better management and also uses them throughout multiple features.


  • This feature permits ease of adding and removing customers via group based upon pr-defined protocols which help to enhance customer management, communication, and insights.
  • Stay managed by making customers groups for individual contact management
  • It allows acceptable insights into status, balances, location, and customer type

Set an Automatic Payment or Statement Reminders:

No need to worry about reminding clients of their overdue balances each time! Business owners can automate email sending, tailored to customized requirements. Moreover, you can directly send payment links to encourage clients to settle all their dues or payment through an online payment portal.


  • It allows recurring statements automation to different customer groups depending on the requirements or tendencies
  • Fast payment with frequent reminders to the clients what they owe, and due payments
  • Lessen the requirements to perform follow up with customers for the payments
  • You can set customize reminder to the individual
  • It permits easy and on-time relationships
  • Save time

Improved Inventory in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021:

It includes many enhanced features like better data level permission, land cost calculations, barcode label prices, and improved vendor reports to help for smooth inventory management.


  • Improved delegate user permission to enhance productivity, security, and more
  • Enhance confidentially with a limited user access
  • Offer better pricing visibility to employees and customers with barcodes on sales prices
  • Customize user access to edit, view, and delete the particular vendors, customers, and data
  • Available option to boost shopping experience for the customers with essential pricing information on a specific inventory item
  • Better visibility into the alternative vendor through listing in core inventory reports
  • Need Serial or lot number

Payment Receipt Customization:

Simple to create professional appearance throughout the customer communication via payment receipt customization

Perks of this new improvement:

  • Permits setting up customization without the need of re-learning
  • Send customizable, detailed, and professional-appearance receipt including essential information fields
  • Setup a default template for the receipt of payment and also override it on the payment screen of the customer according to the need

Ease of Template Setup and Reuse:

It helps in customizing template and reusing them for the better email communications

Core benefits:

  • Simple and convenient to save, store, and recalling email template
  • Ease of reusing email template
  • Enhance Accuracy in customer emails with an option of automatically previewing attachment before you send them to the customers

Reconcile Merchant Service Payment Automation:

Here available enhanced matching workflow for payments which assists the merchant to match the payments according to accounting automatically, each time without any effort.


  • Automatically reconcile the payment transactions
  • Single click reconciliation; allows consolidation of multiple tabs with better workflow via improved tooltips and product guideline
  • Transaction categorization with a clear call to action

QuickBooks ToolHub:

ToolHub utility to improve the common issues For the best experience, you should install QuickBooks Tool Hub.


  • A single place for all basic tools
  • Resolve the basic QuickBooks errors
  • Need just one click to fix the problems and save a lot of time

QuickBooks Payment Liability Reminders:

Business owners can easily set up the calendar notice to notify the upcoming liability and payroll tax payments.


  • Set the individual deadlines for liability payments
  • It allows getting timely reminders
  • Get the reminders for the deadline of the liability payments

Need of Updating the QuickBooks Desktop to Advance Release:

With the changing technology and business requirements, it is essential to Hurry Upgrade from Old QuickBooks Desktop 2018 to QuickBooks 2021. Upgrading the previous edition is always profitable because it helps to boost the security and performance outcomes with the new enhancements.  So without any hesitation download the available updates to enjoy the riveting options and new functionalities of the latest release.

What are the Significant Advantages of Updating the QuickBooks Desktop Version to QuickBooks Version 2021?

Intuit releases the new version annually with more improvements. You can get several benefits by updating the previous edition into a new release. Some highlighting benefits are below:

  • You will get the opportunity to update the guarantees and enhance the data security
  • Error-free knowledge
  • Ease of reducing complexities of basic security bugs and loops
  • Simplify the real-time invoice status tracking, enhanced data file
  • Use of better functionalities and new enhancements

How to Update QuickBooks Desktop to Latest Release 2021?

Let’s explore the methods to update the older QuickBooks Desktop to the advanced Release:

Setup Automatic updates:

  • First of all, locate the Help option
  • Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop
  • Hit on the Update Now button; to clear complete existing update downloads you have to click on Reset Update Checkbox
  • You have to give a click on Get Updates to begin the downloading process
  • Wait till the downloading process completes then it is recommended to restart the QuickBooks
  • If prompted then you need to accept the button to begin the installation of the advanced release

Download Updates of QuickBooks Desktop manually:

  • The initial step is to download the advanced updates
  • Close the company files and also QuickBooks
  • Now hit on the Windows Start option
  • Find QuickBooks Desktop and then give a right-click on the icon
  • Choose Run as Administrator option
  • It will display the No company open screen you have to hit on the Help button
  • choose Update QuickBooks Desktop tab
  • Locate the Update Now button and then click on the checkbox which says Reset checkbox
  • Once you are prepared then choose Get Updates
  • Wait till the update process finishes, close the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Re-open it and click on the Yes button to start the installation of the updates

Some FAQs related to Upgrade from Old QuickBooks Desktop 2018 to QuickBooks 2021:

How do I update my QuickBooks Desktop for Mac to the latest release 2021 manually?

  • Firstly you have to uninstall the previous version and then again perform the installation of the new one
  • Once done, discover the product updates
  • Choose desktop version
  • Start downloading the installation file on the system
  • Do the double-click on the .dmg file which you have downloaded
  • After that, drag the icon of the QuickBooks desktop to the application folder to start the installation

What do you mean by ULIP during an update process?

ULIP stands for ULIP. It is used to save space by allowing you to download updates specifically instead of entire downloading. It helps in fixing minor critical errors. For this, you need to choose the Critical fixes that appear in the list while downloading the QuickBooks desktop 2021 updates.

Can I schedule future automatic updates in QuickBooks?

Yes, QuickBooks permits you to download the update after scheduling the download later on. Follow the below pointers:

• First of all, discover the Help Menu
• Choose Update QuickBooks Desktop
• Now choose Options button
• Hit on the OK button to switch on automatic updates
• At last click on close option

What hardware requirements I need to cover before updating my Old QuickBooks desktop to the new release QuickBooks desktop 2021?

Minimum 2.4 GHz Processor and 4 GB RAM

Can I use Yahoo Email in QuickBooks Desktop 2021?

Yes QuickBooks desktop 2021 is compatible with GMAIL, Yahoo Email, Hotmail, AOL, and Windows Mail

Our 60 percent work depends upon exporting reports’’ QuickBooks Desktop 2021 support export feature?

Yes, you can easily import and export reports in QuickBooks 2021. It needs you to install MS-Excel 2012, 2010, or 2016 or Office 365 (64 bit)

Can I prepare letters in QuickBooks desktop new release?

Yes, if you have Microsoft 2010, 2013 or 2016 or Office 365 in your system you can prepare letters in QuickBooks desktop 2021 without many efforts

Can I check whether the version is updated or not?

Yes, here are the steps you need to follow:
• Start your QuickBooks desktop application
• Hit on F2 button
• It will display the product information page
• Now check the version and advanced release of the QuickBooks patch

In the End:

Here the post about the Hurry Upgrade from Old QuickBooks Desktop 2018 to QuickBooks 2021 completes. Well! Now you are aware of the mesmerizing and captivating features of the QuickBooks Desktop 2021 and how to update the previous QuickBooks version. We hope the above information becomes a great reference to boost your confidence to proceed with the update process. Sometimes, it would be difficult or time-consuming to solve the problems with the same mind-set so it is recommended to use the experts’ knowledge.  Reach out to the professional for further queries.

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