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Impact of Intuit Sync Manager’s Discontinuation on Business Users and App Developers

Intuit Sync Manager’s Discontinuation on Business Users and App Developers

Intuit found that it was anything but an essential task, and for some reason concluded that this gadget could never be upheld again. This is the only method that an online program or service can use to get to your desktop information. Intuit, similarly, gives a “web connector” creators can utilize, which has been around for a long while now. In addition, various specialists across the world have made their versions of sync tools. The producers of QuickBooks attempted to make a coordinated service that would be key for all cloud specialists to rehearse and to get to your desktop information, one essentially equivalent to the service they give to planners is that they need to get to the QuickBooks Online data set.

The QuickBooks accounting software is a powerful tool that is used by small and medium businesses across the world to manage their accounting tasks. It is used by businesses to generate, send, and schedule the timing of sending recurring payment invoices to those customers who are your regular clients.

All the editions of the QuickBooks accounting software facilitate businesses to view and edit bill receipts, invoices, and accounts of their clients. With QuickBooks, business owners can also design templates of invoices, schedule recurring payments, manage payrolls, etc.

What Does Stopping Intuit Sync Manager Stand for? 

No outside application that might be utilizing Intuit Sync manager would get your information from the specific period. Likewise from March 01, 2016, any application or program made by Intuit that utilizes Intuit Sync Manager would presently don’t have the ability to get your information. Applications utilizing their free sync gadgets, or Web Connector, won’t be affected by this change.

Why Intuit Is Doing This? 

As indicated by Intuit, they have arrived at an inflection point where they presently have a greater number of individuals utilizing QuickBooks Online than QuickBooks Desktop. The advantages of utilizing QuickBooks Online are that it assists the clients with smoothing out operations and makes it simple for them to reach and connect to new clients and accomplices throughout the planet. 

The Intuit Sync Manager, viability for US versions of QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and enterprises Solutions that synchronize a duplicate of the information on Intuit workers with the QuickBooks Company file. There are various web applications are accessible that permit the extra engineers to access and update the information.

Role of Sync Manager in QuickBooks

The Sync Manager program from Intuit works with the desktop version of QuickBooks products that are running on computer systems that are powered by the Microsoft Windows operating system. The Sync Manager program is a backend running program that cannot be uninstalled or stopped from performing its task. Its basic role is to exchange data information between the database of your QuickBooks Desktop accounting software and the data that you have stored on the cloud-based servers of Intuit. Whatever changes are made by you in the database of your QuickBooks Desktop are sent to the cloud server of Intuit.

In the same manner, any changes made to the database on the cloud server would be synced with the database on the Desktop version of QuickBooks. In layman’s terms, the Sync Manager enables the working of the desktop database with a cloud-based database. You can even allow some of the online or you can say cloud-based third-party add-on programs to work with the database on your QuickBooks Desktop accounting software.

The Sync Manager utility from Intuit facilitates third-party add-on program developers of online apps to access and update the data stored on your computer’s desktop. The Sync Manager utility comes pre-packed with all the recent versions of Windows-compatible QuickBooks Desktop products.

How Sync Manager’s Discontinuation will Impact Businesses

If the Sync Manager utility is discontinued by Intuit you would not be able to use any third-party-developed add-on program with QuickBooks Desktop accounting software to manage your database on the desktop and the cloud server of Intuit. Secondly, with the termination of Intuit’s Sync Manager, you would not be able to use the apps and features that were developed by Intuit to access your database using Sync Manager.

The only add-on programs that would not be affected by this termination of the Sync Manager utility would be those add-on programs that are using their tool to sync the database. Also, if you are using QuickBooks for Mac to manage your small or medium business’ accounts then your business’ functioning would not be affected as for this version of QuickBooks there is no Intuit Sync Manager.

Also, the online version of QuickBooks would not be affected as here a different type of method is used to access data with no role of Sync Manager. Another major impact that you would feel is that there would be a drastic increase in the performance and processing of your computer system. This improvement in the processing of your system would be because as the Sync Manager would be no more on your system and it would not be slowing down your system anymore.

Here is the list of widely used apps on QuickBooks that might be affected once the Sync Manager utility is discontinued by Intuit.

1. Intuit Payroll

The Sync Manager is used by Intuit Online Payroll and Intuit Full Service Payroll features of QuickBooks Online to share information with the database stored on the Desktop version of QuickBooks. Once the services of Sync Manager are discontinued you would be able to import payroll data using IIF files, but you would not be able to use the job costing features.

2. Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments is the feature of QuickBooks Merchant Services. The Recurring Payment feature uses Sync Manager to function properly. However, there are reports that Intuit will be releasing a software update patch to all supported versions of QuickBooks to replace this functionality. In other words, you would be able to use the Recurring Payments feature even if Sync Manager is discontinued.

3. 1099 e-file Service

There is no proper information on the official website of Intuit that how this service would be impacted once Sync Manager would be discontinued. As the Sync Manager would not impact the services offered by Intuit, there are chances that the 1099 e-file service can be used even after Sync Manager is discontinued.

4. View My Paycheck

The View My Paycheck takes the help of Sync Manager to perform only some of the administrative functions. Intuit is planning to replace this feature in some other way.

How Sync Manager’s Discontinuation will Impact Add-on program developers

Once the Sync Manager utility is discontinued by Intuit then there is a very small number of developers are going to be affected. The reason might be that either they are taking the help of QuickBooks SDK desktop programming toolkit or they have never taken the help of QuickBooks API for the desktop.

Most of the developers are aware that for the development of add-on programs for QuickBooks, Intuit has made it mandatory to use the QuickBooks API. So if any of the developers have developed an add-on program not using the QuickBooks API then they have to either leave that program or make changes in their add-on program using the QuickBooks API.

So, you must have got a pretty good idea about how the discontinuation of Sync Manager is going to impact your business and the process of developing an add-on program for QuickBooks Desktop if you are a developer.

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  1. How do I get rid of Intuit Sync Manager’s Discontinuation on Business users and App Developers?

    Go to the menu bar then hit the click on the Edit option. Now, you have to open the preferences and then click on the Integrated Applications. Then, you have to select the company preference tab. The last step is to choose Intuit Sync Manager and then click on the Remove option.

  2. What is the best impact of Intuit Sync Manager’s Discontinuation on Business users and App Developers?

    Intuit’s QuickBooks Online has been the most well-known bookkeeping programming utilized by private ventures and their accounting and assessment experts. The product is cloud-based and can be gotten to through an internet browser or a versatile application.

  3. How can I use Intuit sync Manager’s Discontinuation on Business users and App Developers?

    QuickBooks is the ideal business bookkeeping programming for little to medium-sized entrepreneurs. Your business can develop with QuickBooks. QuickBooks will help you plan a field-tested strategy to utilize when attempting to get a private company advance or credit extension or to anticipate what’s to come.

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