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Impact of Sync Manager’s Discontinuation on Recurring Payments Feature of QuickBooks

Sync Manager’s Discontinuation on Recurring Payments Feature of QuickBooks

The QuickBooks accounting software is quite popular among small and medium businesses across the world manage the finances. The accounting software is widely used by businesses to create, issue, schedule recurring invoices to regular customers. All the versions of QuickBooks enable businesses to view and make changes to bills, invoices, and accounts of their vendors in a simple and easy manner.

If you wish to create templates of invoices for any particular customer, you can also do the same with QuickBooks. QuickBooks even allows you to give a different look to the invoice template by changing the layout design. The QuickBooks accounting software will automatically send the invoice at the scheduled time as an attachment to e-mail once you have created the invoices and made all the ledger entries.

This whole process of creation of invoice templates and scheduling payments is called as Recurring Payments.

Discontinuation of Sync Manager by Intuit

The process of Recurring Payments in QuickBooks works with Intuit’s Sync Manager. However, you must have heard or read about the news on various media platforms that Intuit is going to withdraw the services of Sync Manager. This termination of Sync Manager’s services by Intuit is going to seriously impact the proper functioning of many Intuit services.

This plan of Intuit’s to end the services of Sync Manager was scheduled to take place in the month of May 2016. However, there are reports on the Internet that despite the discontinuation of Sync Manager by Intuit it is still running on many computers of businesses. What can be the reason behind this? Has Intuit deferred from his plan to discontinue the Sync Manager or postponed its decision? Let’s go ahead and try to explore it in detail.

Release of software update for QuickBooks Desktop by Intuit

The only reason we can think about in this scenario is that the functioning of the Recurring Payments service of QuickBooks Desktop accounting software is still dependent on Intuit’s Sync Manager. This functioning is not going to be affected until Intuit releases a software update for the desktop version of QuickBooks accounting software.

Once the software update is released then only the various Intuit services are going to be affected as this software update will make the QuickBooks desktop accounting software to work independently of the Intuit’s Sync Manager. You need not to do anything until the update for software is released by Intuit. To continue using the Recurring Payments service in QuickBooks accounting software, you must download and install the software update once it is released by Intuit. Till then you can enjoy using the services of Recurring Payments in your QuickBooks accounting software.

If you are among those small or medium business owners who are not using the Recurring Payments feature of QuickBooks then in that case the Intuit Sync Manager will keep on running till the software update is released by Intuit. If you are not using the Sync Manager then you need not to uninstall it from your system as there is no harm in keeping it even if it is of no use. Secondly, it does not take much of your computer’s space.

What will be the impact on Recurring Payments feature once software update is released by Intuit?

Although Intuit has not yet released the software patch for the desktop version of QuickBooks if it releases the update in the near future then whatever changes will be made in the Recurring Payments feature of QuickBooks, it will take place on the backend which might not be even noticed by you. May be the software update will change the way you connect to the service.

All these changes will take place in the background and you need not to setup anything. You just have to update the software and the QuickBooks desktop accounting software will automatically download the recurring payments and other related invoices once you connect the computer on which the QuickBooks accounting software is installed to the internet. Intuit will charge no fee for downloading and installing this software update on your QuickBooks accounting software.

One more important thing to keep in mind is that only the supported versions of QuickBooks for Windows 2014, 2015, and 2016 will get this software update patch. If your business is using a version of QuickBooks that is not supported then you can keep on running QuickBooks accounting software and using the Recurring Payments feature from the QuickBooks Payments Online Service Center.

But, once the services of Sync Manager are terminated by Intuit then you would not be able to add items to recurring payments in the QuickBooks Online Service Center. In other words if you do not download the software update on your QuickBooks Desktop whenever it is made available by Intuit then all your payment and invoice related tasks on QuickBooks desktop file will cease syncing with the QuickBooks Online Service Center. Only the Recurring Payments feature available on the online service center would be available for you to use in this case.

You can also view your Recurring Payments history in the QuickBooks Online Service Center, but you would not be able to view those clients on the QuickBooks Online Service Center that you have added or deleted in QuickBooks Desktop.

Hopefully by now you must have got to know about the release of software update by Intuit for QuickBooks Desktop accounting software is going to impact the Recurring Payments feature of QuickBooks.

Need Professional Help?

If still have any doubt, query or technical issue related to using the Recurring Payments Feature of QuickBooks then you can reach out to our QuickBooks Support Team at Our QuickBooks experts can answer all your queries and clear all your doubts related to QuickBooks Recurring Payments feature and Intuit Sync Manager. Our QuickBooks Support Team can also assist you in updating the QuickBooks Desktop accounting software that you are using to manage the finances of your small or medium business. For expert help, fell free to call us 📞.

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  1. What does Intuit Sync Manager do while syncing Manager’s discontinuation on recurring payments of QB?

    Intuit Sync Manager is that type of program that works with the products of the QuickBooks current running version on all Microsoft windows. It can easily move a piece of information between an edition of data and the QuickBooks desktop database that is saved to intuit cloud servers.

  2. How would I stop a recurring payment in QuickBooks When syncing the manager’s discontinuation on recurring payments?

    Firstly, you have to click on the gear icon from the top menu. Then, you have to choose the recurring transactions. If you would like to delete the invoice template. Hit the click on the Next button and move towards the Edit menu. Then choose the Delete option. After that, a yes option will pop up on your screen, click on it to give confirmation. In any case, if you prefer to retain the template, hit the click on the Edit option. Now, you have to change the type to the reminder. Click on the Save template.

  3. Is it possible to change a recurring payment when Sync Manager’s Discontinuation on Recurring Payments Feature of QuickBooks?

    Yes, you can change a recurring payment, hit the click on the customer name to open the payment details. In some cases, you can create changes straightforwardly within the list. You can change the amount, customer’s name, credit card number, address, or card expiration date. Sometimes, users required changes in the billing schedule.

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