Import IIF File into QuickBooks


Have you already started using QuickBooks? Going through this write-up, you will be able to know the various steps to be followed to import the IIF file into QuickBooks.

For importing IIF files into the latest software solution you are using, the first thing that is required to be done is the export followed by Import with an option to edit the IIF file if needed.
Import IIF File into QuickBooks

Process I: Standard Import of IIF File into QB

Step 1: Export IIFs

  1. Log in to the company file
  2. Sign in as Administrator
  3. Click on the displayed File menu
  4. Choose the mode- Switch to Single-user
  5. Again click on the displayed File menu
  6. Choose Utilities
  7. Click Export
  8. Choose Export IIF Files
  9. There is a Save in the drop-down
  10. Click to select the particular location where you desire to save the specific IIF file
  11. Enter a File name
  12. Click Save
  13. Click OK

Step 2: Import IIFs

  1. Log in to your company file
  2. Log in as Admin
  3. Click on the displayed File
  4. Choose the mode- Switch to Single-user
  5. Take a backup of the company file
  6. Click on the displayed File menu
  7. Choose Utilities
  8. Click Import
  9. Choose the particular Import IIF Files
  10. Browse the IIF file that needs to be imported
  11. Select it and click Open
  12. Click OK to confirm the import

Step 3: Edit the IIF File

  1. Open MS Excel
  2. Go to the displayed File
  3. Choose Open
  4. Browse the particular IIF file you want to edit
  5. Specify the File type in the drop-down
  6. Choose All Files
  7. Choose the specific IIF file and click Open
  8. You will get a Text Import Wizard
  9. Click Next
  10. Click Next and Finish
  11. Make the required changes
  12. Again, click on the File menu
  13. Select Save
  14. Click Yes
  15. Close Excel
  16. You will receive a prompt asking you save the IIF File again
  17. Click Don’t Save

Process II – Improved Import of IIF File into QB

  1. Move to the File menu
  2. Choose Utilities
  3. Select Import
  4. Choose the displayed IIF Files
  5. Click on Import IIF
  6. Locate the specific file
  7. Select OK
  8. [NOTE: It is advisable not to select the Import it for me option. I’ll fix it later. This is because this alternative bypasses the review made to the data and the information imported might be incorrect or incomplete when compared to the original file. Secondly, you also need to Switch to Single-user Mode to accomplish this mode of import.]

  9. When the import is accomplished, click Done

The step-wise instructions are provided to assist you in importing IIF files into QuickBooks in whatever way you want. However, if you get stuck somewhere while following the directions, you can contact experts immediately.
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