Inactive Accounts in QuickBooks 2020

The inactive accounts in QuickBooks 2020 are hidden from the menu and lists. However, their log of past transactions, tax forms, invoices, and other details are saved. This permits data more organized. For instance, if you have zero balance in your account, you can simply delete this account. But to delete the account which you are using for a long time can be a complex task. Because these accounts are dependent on each other which can lead to complications while removing data.

How to view your inactive accounts:

  • Locate settings and then discover chart of accounts
  • Click the Gear icon which appears at the top-list
  • Hit on the checkbox named include inactive.

Some accounts you can’t make inactive:

  • Product/service accounts: 

You are required to in-active the product or service-specific account

  • Income accounts with uninvoiced rates:

Firstly, you need to send invoices to clients for expense, charges or time first then deleting the account

  • QuickBooks specific accounts:

There are some accounts such as un-deposited funds which are not permitted because they are more significant

With online banking: Disconnect the bank account

It is recommended to disconnect an account associated with online banking instead of deleting it. Simply put an end, download QuickBooks for ongoing or new transactions. The QuickBooks software retains transactions that are previously reviewed or erases any if there are pending transactions that required to be reviewed.

Make an Inactive to active:

Following are the steps to activate an inactive account:

  • Select settings and locate chart of Accounts
  • Click settings located overhead the action column then click Include inactive
  • Browse the account which you wish to active again and then hit on make active
  • Make an account inactive.

Steps to create journal entries after inactive the account (if it has balance):

If you don’t need the account anymore then there is an outstanding feature available in QuickBooks to hide your account. In case, your account contains any balance and you want to inactive that account, then you need to create a journal entry.

Below mentioned are the steps:

  • Discover new
  • Click on Journal entry
  • Verify if you are any business viewer then you have to switch towards accountant view
  • Complete entire appearing fields to create the journal entry
  • Click Save and then close.

Make an account inactive in QuickBooks 2020

Steps to make an account inactive:

  • Select settings and Hit on Chart of Accounts
  • Browse the account you wish to delete
  • Click the dropdown named Action
  • Click inactive.

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