Can we Install QuickBooks and Access from Other Computers in the Business?


Install QuickBooks and Access from Other Computers in the Business

For every business owner, it is high time to discover the beneficial features of QuickBooks, and accessing QuickBooks from different other computers in QuickBooks is one of them.

QuickBooks desktop multi-user is by far deemed to be one of the greatest beneficial characteristics of QuickBooks. It helps in collaboration and boosts productivity, and enables the users to perform various tasks at the same time.

Note: Installing QuickBooks and accessing them from other computers enables the users to work on more than one single company file at the same time. Consequently, this enables users to save a lot of time and effort, making things rather easy and convenient. For those businesses that are quite huge and have multiple employees, installing QuickBooks in one and accessing it from other computer can be really beneficial for the business. Also, in order to install QuickBooks in one and access it from another computer, the user is required to have a different licensed copy of QuickBooks in the system.

Method to set up QuickBooks and use it from Other Computers

QuickBooks program enables the users to have numerous accesses to the data file in the network. However, every user should install QuickBooks software differently.

In QuickBooks, separate versions provide different access like:

  • QuickBooks Pro allows not more than 3 members to access a file
  • Enterprise Solutions allow not more than 3o members to access a file
  • QuickBooks Premier allows not more than 5 members to access a file

However, before setting up QuickBooks for a multi-user network, there are some conditions that are required to be met. Such conditions include:

  • Set up the particular users for the company file before initiating the multi-user network.
  • Users should seek the windows file permission and log in as an admin for the same.
  • Ensure to turn on the Database server manager, before initiating the multi-user network.

How to install and access QuickBooks from other computers in the business?

  1. Install QuickBooks Desktop in your system
  2. Check the Folder permissions
  3. Include the window admin rights to enable the configuration of multi-user access
  4. Configure the Internet and Firewall settings for QuickBooks
  5. Set up the Database Server management of QuickBooks and then scan your particular file
  6. Open a file remotely saved in a computer
  7. Locate and open
  8. Turn on Hosting

Note: Multi-user mode is extremely beneficial in making business smooth and efficient. In simple words, installing QuickBooks and using it from other computers make it more than a necessity, especially for bigger companies.

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