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Integrate QuickBooks with your Website

You can easily integrate QuickBooks with your website, but to do so, your web hosting company should have a QuickBooks web connector service to combine both. Don’t worry; several companies provide this necessity to their customers.

If your web hosting company updates its stem and integrates QuickBooks, your server will update itself automatically.

Once the configuration is done, you can run manually or automatically. 

Why should you Integrate QuickBooks with a Website?

QuickBooks Online is a one-stop solution for all small business owners.

QuickBooks help to save time, make error-free transactions, keep a record of all your expenses, income, productivity costs, etc.

Integrating your website with QuickBooks will help you keep track of the customers, their order, delivery dates, patent options, shipping, etc. 

  1. Easy payment transactions are possible with QuickBooks.
  2. Keep order details, purchase details, expense details updated.
  3. Simple, easy, and takes only a few minutes. 
  4. Can be integrated easily with various e-commerce websites 
  5. Very secure transaction with SSL encryption. Zero chance of security fraud or cybercrimes. 

How to Integrate QuickBooks with a website? 

Here are the steps to integrate QuickBooks with a website.

Step 1: The primary step should be logging in to the admin site. 

Step 2: Go to Site settings and then navigate to Quickbooks.

Step 3: Now, you can download the Quickbooks web connector configuration file. Use the link you can see in the action box. 

Step 4: Save the downloaded file on your desktop for easy access and close all the browser windows. 

Step 5: Now, to open the Web Connector configuration file, you need to double click on it. 

Step 6: A verification message will appear on the screen. This verification message will verify authenticity. 

Step 7: Enter the password you used to download the file for the account. 

Step 8: Click on Update selected, which is next to the newly added item list. 

Step 9: Go back to the Admin site and then to the Site settings. 

Step 10: Now, you will reach the Web connector, click on the Update selected button, again. 

Step 11: Your customers’ details will be synchronized into your QuickBooks. It takes about 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on your customer data. 

Step 12: Once the customers are synchronized, the orders will be loaded eventually. 

This is the process of Integrating your website with QuickBooks with your existing admin website. This will help you get compact and error-free data about payments, transactions, and customers. The above-mentioned steps might seem complicated and can baffle a non-professional. That’s why it is highly recommended to take the help of a pro who has relevant expertise in such types of integrations.

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