How can I Interrupt Bank Feeds Synchronization in QuickBooks?


Interrupt Bank Feeds Synchronization in QuickBooks

QuickBooks enables you to add your bank account and handle all your bank transactions. It depends on your preference whether to add or delete a bank account in QuickBooks. However, there can be some scenarios where you wish to delete or interrupt your bank feeds synchronization for a particular account. However, you may encounter certain problems while doing it.

In this piece of content, we will guide you with all the possible solutions to interrupt your bank feeds for any account in QuickBooks.

When do you need to deactivate your Bank Feeds in QuickBooks?

It is imperative for you to know that you can utilize Bank Feeds to acquire transactions from your particular bank and then import the transactions into QuickBooks.

In case you need to interrupt a specific account from your particular bank, kindly adhere to the following steps to deactivate the feeds.

You may require deactivating the Bank Feeds in QuickBooks only when:

  • You have canceled your particular account with the financial institution
  • You do not require to import transactions
  • Your bank no longer support the bank feeds update

Note: Connect with your financial institution directly for anything else related to your accounts.

How to interrupt Bank Feeds Synchronization in QuickBooks?

Step 1: Complete your online banking

It is important to match or delete all the transactions that have been downloaded for the account before the bank feeds are deactivated. QuickBooks will not allow you to make any change if there is any transaction that is pending.

Step 2: Deactivate the Bank Feeds

It is possible to disconnect the Bank Feeds from your accounts, one at a time.

QuickBooks for Windows

  1. In the Lists section in QuickBooks, click the Chart of Accounts
  2. Press right-click on the particular account and click Edit Account
  3. Click the Bank Settings button and choose to Deactivate all the services online and press OK to confirm.
  4. Click Save and Close

Note: once you disconnect your account, QuickBooks will not be able to download any new transaction.

Interrupting or disconnecting bank feeds is crucial for the smooth and hassle-free running of the business, however, smooth running of business requires technical expertise and guidance who can resolve the issue in a moment. Such seasoned technical experts are skilled in their craft and have expertise in dealing with all kinds of QuickBooks issues on a regular basis.

All you need to do is to have a little faith in our team of experts and interrupting bank feeds synchronization with QuickBooks will be as easy as a pie.


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