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Make Smarter Business Decision QuickBooks Assistant Gives Freedom

QuickBooks has come up with new innovative design with the QuickBooks Assistant that helps you in understanding the finances of your business better and make smarter business decisions. The features are user friendly and reliable that can be accessed easily with which one can make fast decisions.

New QuickBooks Assistant Gives Freedom to Make Smarter Business Decision

It also includes options for group discussions and chat sessions to help you in your decisions. The experts suggest that the users should combine the assistant with the business finances. This will enable them not only to enquire about something but also can also easily and quickly analyze the reports.

The USP of the assistant is that a virtual environment is provided to the clients where they can ask questions and get their answers. The assistant has the permission and authorization to access data so that it can give answers to the client’s queries in an effective and efficient manner.

Why Use QuickBooks Assistant:

  • Resources can be used in a smart way: More options are given to the client by the assistant while the assistant process and analyse all the data and identifies them to give answers to the client’s request. The process if fast with various possible options and cases for the matter related to the finance. This allows the client to choose he option that is more effective and efficient thereby saving the company’s time and making profit for the company.
  • Searching is faster: When we look for a file on QuickBooks desktop, it takes quite sometime due to the process of validating it as per the security measures. However, with QuickBooks Assistant, the user is required to just tap and ask for a file. The assistant will provide the user with all the related financial file snapshots.
  • Better Decisions can be made: A client is given the option of making better financial decisions. This is possible because the Assistant gives the client effective answers to his/her queries. Also there is not wastage of time in getting the answers to the queries as the Assistant is always there and the questions can be asked anywhere, anytime and the answers are given instantly.
  • M-Office: This feature of mobile office provides the flexibility to carry out their work while saving on time and office space. This feature is for both with and without office space and restricted time to work on their business without thinking about time and expenditure on having an office space.
  • Navigations: The QuickBooks Assistant is there to guide the client in using the unfamiliar features of the application. For example it will guide a client every step on how to create and add accountants and such activities.

The New QuickBooks Assistant application is available on both iOS and Android in QuickBooks Self Employed. There is also a beta version that can be availed from QuickBooks Labs. The QuickBooks Assistant is primarily for those who have small business or are self-employed so that they can save time, make smart business decisions hence make profit for the company. Users can avail the tax payment with the Assistant, which will make enhance the user experience.

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