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Merchant Service Review QuickBooks Payments Solution

Intuit Merchant Service is a merchant account provider to offers users with the best accounting solution. It is also called as QuickBooks Payment. With Intuit Payment Solution user are secure to make credit card payments. The user can easily process fees, access information regarding deposits, restore financial accounts, and more.Intuit Merchant Service Review/QuickBooks Payments Solution

With QuickBooks merchant account you are secure to keep your invoices up-to-date, not having to worry about making mistakes.

Check out the excellent features of Intuit Merchant Service:

  • With Pay Now, send invoices to clients through mail
  • With mobile POS receive payment from everywhere
  • ACH bank acceptance
  • Quick transaction
  • Provide merchant account to any plan
  • Integrates with all actions perform in QuickBooks software
  • Collects payment actively
  • Virtual terminal access granted

Why choose Intuit Merchant Service/QuickBooks Payments Solution

By setting up Intuit Merchant Service in you can enjoy number advantages, making your business adventure even more exciting. Here is why you need to set up Intuit Merchant Service.

  • Easy to carry out Payments

QuickBooks Payments is incorporated with the virtual terminal feature. Its friendly and simple feature makes it extremely easy for any user, even for those who are not very familiar with the software.

Furthermore, you will not only receive guidance while integration, but the system will sync all your payments, invoices and QuickBooks bookkeeping reports.

  • Better Pricing Structure

By setting up Intuit Merchant Service you enjoy the following pricing structure:

  1. Pay As You Go plan– pay per transaction, zero monthly fees, card dipped/swiped at 2.40% + 25¢, card keyed at 3.40% + 25¢, checks and ACH transfer at 50¢
  2. Affordable Monthly Plan– only $ 19.95 per month, card dipped/swiped at 1.6% + 25¢, card keyed at 3.2% + 25¢, checks and ACH transfer at 50¢

You can select any one of the two plans according to how much you are planning to pay in a month. In addition, you can also switch the plans according to a number of customers or sales that you get. Hence, you are risk-free while managing the transaction.

  • Secure payments

QuickBooks takes security matters seriously and has focused on providing the secure transaction to its users. The security settings in Intuit Merchant Service are well integrated into the system. All your transaction records are automatically recorded, this allows you to check in anytime whenever any issues arise and check details of every record, as a result, clear up the issues easily.

It is certain that the transaction processes are streamlined and the interface is clear and clean. With this integration, it won’t be causing problems while clearing transaction-related issues.

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