Migrate from ADP to QuickBooks


ADP software is a payroll and human resource related service providing software that takes care of all the payroll expenses on behalf of the company or business. The full form of ADP is an automatic data processing and it is one of the biggest HR (human resources) software and outsourcing solutions providers across the world. It is a web and mobile-based software platform which helps in handling all the payroll related problem of the businesses. 

The ADP payroll software allows for the digital transfer of payroll data from the ADP software to the QuickBooks. The ADP software has a functionality of the export of data through its General Ledger interface (GLI). The data thus exported can be imported to the QuickBooks and can be included as a part of the financial statement. Companies save a lot of manual effort and time by using this GLI functionality for digitally transferring the data from the ADP software to the QuickBooks.

Steps to Migrate Payroll Data from ADP to the QuickBooks

Now when we have understood that due to the GLI feature in the ADP, we can digitally transfer the data from the ADP software to the QuickBooks, so we can now go ahead into the step by step details for the migration of your businesses’ payroll data from the ADP software to the QuickBooks platform.

Step 1. Setting up of General Ledger Interface:

Firstly, you need to set up the General ledger interface. This you can get done by calling their sales associate (if you don’t have the contact details you can contact ADP software directly on their hotline). The sales associate will fill up the authorization form and will provide you the customized login information.

Step 2. Export Data from ADP:  

In this step, you need to click first on Define G/L File > Use a predefined G/L file for Map Assistant. After this, choose QuickBooks from the dropdown menu and map the payroll items. You should enter the corresponding general ledger account names and numbers for each item. After completing the mapping part, you can export the data by selecting the payroll period and clicking on “Download”. Ensure to save the data on the computer.

Step 3. Import of Data in the QuickBooks:

In this step, open the QuickBooks on your computer and click on File> Import> choose the export data saved earlier. The data will be added to the general ledger and will also be integrated into the already existing general ledger accounts in the QuickBooks. After the payroll data is added and integrated into your QuickBooks general ledger, you can create income statements, balance sheets, and other financial reports without much hassle. The above steps will guide and help you in easy migration of the payroll data files from the ADP (automatic data processing) software to the QuickBooks platform, but, in case if you have any further queries or questions, QB technical support team will help you with the best possible solution.

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