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Sage was formerly known as Peachtree. It is a core accounting solution for mid and small businesses. This solution provides invoicing and billing, inventory management, reporting/analytics, and security. It provides industry solutions for various business segments that include manufacturing, construction, distribution, accounting, and nonprofit.Peachtree Number

With renewed commitment and dedication, Peachtree delivers its users with tools required to accomplish business goals:

  • Streamlined solutions that can be customized according to users’ needs
  • Products to increase business growth
  • Speed up cash flow as well as minimize costs
  • Ensure business financials accuracy, reliability, and easy understanding.
  • Reduce the number of hours spent on managing accounts to give more time to focus on growing the business.

Minimum System Requirements for Peachtree include:

  • 512 MB RAM and 1 GHz processor for single user Peachtree installation.
  • 1 GB RAM and 1.8 GHz processor recommended for Peachtree installation for multiple users.

Peachtree Common Error Codes

  • Peachtree Error 16393110; 3014; 3111; 3112; 1317;3012
  • Peachtree Error 1639 Install
  • Peachtree Error 18; 20; 11; 54; 95; 30
  • Peachtree Error 3110 Serial Date
  • Peachtree Accounting Error 3110; 3006
  • Peachtree Error 22665; 288; 1603; 1607; 1639
  • Peachtree Error 1327 Invalid Drive
  • Peachtree Error 3
  • Peachtree Error 20; 28; 30
  • Peachtree Error 1628 Failed To Complete Installation
  • Peachtree Error 3108 Status.dat

You need not panic if you come across these errors as there is Help available. We provide that help. To immediately get your error fixed, contact our Bigxperts Helpdesk experts and be liberated from these errors.

Our Certified Public Accountants have some expertise in all variants of Sage (once in the past Sage 50 Peachtree) items:

  • Sage 50 Quantum Accounting
  • Sage 50 Premium Accounting
  • Sage 50 Accountant Edition Accounting
  • Sage 50 Construction Accounting
  • Sage 50 Distribution Accounting
  • Sage 50 Manufacturing Accounting
  • Sage 50 Nonprofit Accounting
  • Sage 50 Complete Accounting
  • Sage 50 Pro Accounting
  • Sage 50 Peachtree Quantum Accounting
  • Sage 50 Peachtree Premium Accounting
  • Sage 50 Peachtree Accountant Edition
  • Sage 50 Peachtree Premium for Construction
  • Sage 50 Peachtree Premium for Distribution
  • Sage 50 Peachtree Premium for Manufacturing
  • Sage 50 Peachtree Premium for Nonprofit
  • Sage 50 Peachtree Complete Accounting
  • Sage 50 Peachtree Pro Accounting

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