Problem with downloading QBO file to QuickBooks Pro 2018


QuickBooks Pro 2018 is desktop based software which was released on the fall of 2017. There are instances where you are using both the online version of QuickBooks along with the desktop version like QuickBooks Pro 2018. If you want to download any QuickBooks Online file to your QuickBooks Pro 2018, then you may come across some issues. This issue may prevent you from downloading the file and you may receive the following message:
Problem with downloading QBO file to QuickBooks Pro 2018

“A communication problem with QuickBooks desktop edition has occurred. Error detail: A modal dialog box is showing in the QuickBooks user interface. Your application cannot access QuickBooks until the user dismisses the dialog box.”

You will encounter this QuickBooks error when you are working on QB Pro 2018 or other QB Desktop versions software, you will receive a prompt notification about the Payroll services.

Issues which occur when you try to move your data from QuickBooks Online to the any Desktop version of QuickBooks:
You can export any size of file (MB) from QuickBooks Online (QBO) to any QuickBooks Desktop. There is no restriction as long as your computer system has enough space in your hard disk.

System Requirements:
But here is a list of system requirements, which may limit your export:

  • If you want to export data from QuickBooks Online to your system where you have installed QuickBooks Pro 2018, then it is recommended that you have the latest version of Windows Operating system installed.
  • You can export data from QuickBooks Simple Start Online to QuickBooks Simple Start Desktop version 2004 and 2005 only. You won’t be able to export to the 2006 version or any other newer version.
  • You can easily export data from your QuickBooks Online to the QuickBooks Basic 2004 Release 5 or the newer version released. You won’t be able to export data from the previous versions.
  • If you are exporting data to the Non-Profit premier version or any other retail editions, then you may need to perform some extra steps in order to successfully export the data.
  • If you are using the MAC versions of QuickBooks, then that will be extremely difficult. This export won’t be taking place directly.
  • Internet explorer is required by the all the QuickBooks Desktop versions. While doing so, you should avoid using other browsers.
  • Exporting data to the QuickBooks Desktop from the QuickBooks Online requires the latest version of Internet Explorer 11.


Note: If you are exporting data to the US edition of the QuickBooks desktop, then it is recommended that you open the file within 10 days.


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Here are some export limitations when you are trying to move data from QuickBooks Online to QuickBooks Desktop versions. You can also read about system requirements for the same. If you need more information, then you should QuickBooks Customer . If you are not able to reach out to them, then you should look for other alternatives. You can contact “2018QuickBooks” for assistance as they provide 24*7 to QB users worldwide. You can call on their toll-free number

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