QuickBooks 2018 Installation Error


QuickBooks 2018 Installation Error

QuickBooks 2018 has entered the market and has set all other accounting software far behind in the race of popularity with its new and innovative features and tools. The users of QuickBooks 2018 software also get benefited from improvements seen within the features and old bugs being fixed. The software is however garnering a lot of issues especially at the time of installation. Fix Common QuickBooks Installation Errors (Windows & Mac) One such issue is listed below along with a feasible solution for it.

Error: Windows 7 Pro keeps the Installation of Quickbooks Pro 2018 from Completing

Error Message: Third-Party Components not Found”

Intuit QuickBooks Installer – Third Party Components couldn’t be found.

QuickBooks user has recently set up their older version of QuickBooks to the latest version – Fix Common QuickBooks Installation Errors (Windows & Mac) QuickBooks 2018 Accountant Edition. The problem of software shutting down, however, occurred whenever the user tried to operate the new version of QuickBooks Accountant’s edition. Along with the unavoidable crashing of the software, the user also received an error message and code. After connecting with the professionals of QuickBooks following points were highlighted.

  • Issue Encountered with Intuit QuickBooks Installer
  • Third-party components couldn’t be located.
  • The installation can’t continue and crashes immediately.

Fix Common QuickBooks Installation Errors (Windows & Mac)

To resolve the issue, the user is recommended to first click on QuickBooks and open the software followed by starting the integrated third-party device. In order to perform this function fruitfully user needs to download the latest version of adobe streak player.  Once the adobe blaze player is installed put in the software CD in CD ROM and follow the steps given below:

  1. Once the CD icon comes on the screen right-click on it.
  2. A new screen will be displayed and then click on the Explorer tab.
  3. Locate a log called QuickBooks.msi and click on it open it.
  4. The above step will automatically pop the Installer screen.
  5. Now follow the instructions displayed on the window carefully
  6. Once the software is installed completely and successfully a new pop-up screen will display the message accordingly.
  7. Run and start the software now.

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There is one certain point that the user should keep in mind while following the steps for any resolution which is that at all times antivirus software or firewall should be removed. The above-illustrated steps should help to resolve the installation issue and allow the process to complete immediately. However, if the error still persists it is recommended to contact the ever-experienced Bigxperts team set up by Intuit. Alternatively, third-party agencies like BigXperts.com can also be approached to resolve the issue by calling on the Toll-Free Number – +1-800-816-6849.

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