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How QuickBooks Accountant 2017 is better than 2016 Version

QuickBooks Accountant 2017 is better than 2016 Version

Every year in month of September, Intuit releases the upgraded versions of its accounting software QuickBooks. Following the same trend, in September 2017, the maker of QuickBooks released QuickBooks Accountant 2017 which is the upgraded version of QuickBooks Accountant 2016. Though the new added features in QuickBooks 2017 have been communicated by Intuit for all the different types of QuickBooks variants, users can lay their hands only on the QuickBooks Accountant 2017 variant. .

It is always a good practice to have a look at the newly added features of any technology related product, and compare how the latest version is different than the previous or earlier version before finally making up your mind to migrate to the newly introduced version of the product. The same applies to QuickBooks Accountant accounting software.

This comparison will help you a lot in knowing about the new and improved features of QuickBooks Accountant 2017 and understand how these new features will simplify the task of accounting in your small or medium sized business. Let us go ahead and have a look at the newly added and improved features of QuickBooks Accountant 2017, and see if they were available in QuickBooks Accountant 2016 or not.

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What is new in QuickBooks Accountant 2017

First of all let us have a look at the recently added features of QuickBooks Accountant 2017 that are going to enhance your working experience on QuickBooks Accountant 2017.

1. Scheduled Reports Feature:

The Scheduled Feature of QuickBooks Accountant 2017 enables you to send automated reports or other finance related data that is required to be submitted on a daily or weekly basis as an attachment to e-mails to the accounts department of your business.

There are many options in the Scheduled Reports feature that allows you to choose what report you want to send, who should be recipient(s), and at what time of the day the e-mail should be sent to the recipient(s). This feature works smoothly even if you are not working on QuickBooks Accountant 2017.

2. Smart Search Feature:

With this added feature of QuickBooks Accountant 2017, the users can use the Search option more easily and in a quicker manner. The user just need to enter the initial few words of the report or data that is required by you, and the QuickBooks Accountant 2017 accounting software will display a list of items that might be close to or exactly what you are looking for.

3. In Between Amount Search Option:

If you have forgot or not sure of the figure that you are looking for in a particular financial report, by the assistance of this In Between Amount Search feature you have to just mention a range that includes the maximum limit and the minimum limit. This newly added feature comes pre-packed with all the versions of QuickBooks Desktop that have been recently introduced.

What’s New in the Scheduled Reports Feature of QuickBooks 2017

4. Vendor and Customer Type Filter Feature:

To make it easy for the user to have a look at the list of all the customer or vendor centers, the Vendor and Customer Type Filter is there in all the variants of the newly launched QuickBooks Accountant 2017. With this option of filtering, users can easily perform the action of sorting the data related to all the types of your business vendors and customers.

5. Visual Display of Reminders:

This is also one of the newly added features in QuickBooks Accountant 2017. With this new feature, you will be reminded through visual notifications whenever your clients will receive the funds that you have released but are not yet being deposited to the bank account. The visual notification will be displayed on the Home page of QuickBooks Accountant 2017 as a batch on the ‘Record Deposits’ icon.

6. Credit Card Charge Status:

With this new feature, you would be offered an easy to read display status of your business’ credit card charge. This improved that the 2017 version of QuickBooks Accountant is compatible in reading your credit card statement.

7. Walk through of the Features:

As every new application or software, guides the users through the new and improved features for a better understanding of the functioning of all the features, QuickBooks Accountant 2017 will also walk you through all the newly made improvements and changes in the accounting software.

Improvements in QuickBooks Accountant 2017

This was all about the newly added features of QuickBooks Accountant 2017. As all the above mentioned features are introduced in the 2017 version of QuickBooks Accountant, it is quite obvious that the QuickBooks Accountant 2016 version lacks all these features.

Now let us proceed and have a look at the features that were there in QuickBooks Accountant 2016 version but in QuickBooks Accountant 2017, they have been improved. Here are the improvised features of QuickBooks Accountant 2017.

1. Improved Security:

To improve the security of QuickBooks Accountant 2017, Intuit has made some changes in the components that were used by QuickBooks accounting software for safety of users’ data files and folders. The manufacturer of QuickBooks has also fixed some other security related bugs and issues.

2. Improved Customization of Reports:

With this new improvisation, you can now hide or view the filters that were applied by you to view the financial reports. It has also become easier in the 2017 version of QuickBooks Accountant to modify the filters for the ease of sorting.

3. Display of Deleted Users on Audit Trial:

If the person of QuickBooks Accountant 2017 having admin rights has deleted some user names then during the Audit Trial the deleted users will be displayed if they are related to some of the transactions.

4. Faster selection of Filters in reports:

Now you can make the reports quickly and even adjust them as the filters are now more visible. This clear display of the filters has made it simple and easy to select the filters and view multiple reports at a time. The ‘Select All’ and ‘Clear All’ options have also been added in this feature.

5. Deposit Summary Comes with Printed Company Name:

If you print a deposit summary report using the Make Deposit option of QuickBooks Accountant 2017 version, you will get the summary reports with the name of company on the reports.

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