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QuickBooks Desktop 2019  | New Update & New Features

QuickBooks is prominent accounting software for all your businesses. Previously, Intuit has already released many previous editions of QuickBooks to fix operational and technical specifications to remove all bugs. The New Update is online in September 2019.

Here is what it will look like in the QuickBooks 2019 Desktop?

Although, there is no statement made in the public domain by Intuit about QuickBooks 2019 features, yet, there are certain opinions and guesses that are made by some users in the public domain. The first thing is that you try to understand what to expect with QuickBooks 2019.

What’s Available in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks has a very varied platform for Bookkeeping Solution. Everything from QuickBooks Software and its Assistance depends on the business you have. The Two most common versions of QuickBooks is QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier.

QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier

Both the QuickBooks Editions focus on the business having up to $1M annual revenue. The organization should also have less than 20 employees. Both the editions are locked and loaded with basic reporting and bookkeeping features with payroll enhancement. The only key difference is that QuickBooks Pro Supports users up to 3 and QuickBooks Premier Supports users up to 5.

  • Retail Sector
  • Contractor and Non-profit
  • Professional Services
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing

QuickBooks Premier is available with all industry-specific features for each type of businesses. It also s various products and services for the list that you can easily apply on.

QuickBooks Enterprise 2019

QuickBooks Enterprise is a well-defined software to serve massive organizations and businesses. These organizations have more customers, expenses & sales, vendors so that you can keep a check on these key functional areas. With QuickBooks Enterprise 2019, you can have up to 30 users.

Here are advantages that QuickBooks 2019 to use this product over other?

  • Newly Improved Sales Order Management System
  • Multiple Company Files with Consolidated Reports
  • QuickBooks Control Prices
  • Two Company Files at one place in one go
  • You can easily track employees, more than 10,000 customers and inventory items.
  • Different User Roles: Up to 14
  • You Can Assess it from anywhere with Enhanced Reporting Tools.

QuickBooks MAC 2019

If you use QuickBooks MAC user, it is earlier announced by the Intuit that QuickBooks 2016 Desktop Version for MAC is the last version of MAC that would be released yet the will be available till 31st May 2019.

This simply means that after the mentioned date, any payment can be processed.

A rumour has also hit the market that after listening, analyzing and understanding the complaints of the MAC Users, the Intuit has started developing the next phase of QuickBooks 2019 for MAC Users.

It is still a dicey situation. The release has not yet been confirmed.

To know more about QuickBooks MAC and its versions, contact us on our live CHAT.

Wish List Items of Customers

Now that you have a glimpse of the features that QuickBooks is going to provide. Let’s have a look at some of the features that will be released in the QuickBooks 2019 later this year.

  • Customizable Receive Item
  • Customizable pay slips
  • Undo button
  • File condensing in-app
  • Multiple vendors for single items
  • Global changes to chart of accounts
  • The search field in every window
  • Approval for bills and invoices etc.
  • Landed costs

At this point in time, nothing is confirmed yet, some professionals are confident about forecasting the QuickBooks 2019 features.

Note: The features may vary with the QuickBooks edition you choose for your business.

  • Volume purchases with heavy discounts.
  • QuickBooks will now be equipped with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Customer and Email Security
  • Merging options: it also includes the merging of vendors also. Up to 4.
  • Inventory adjustment with the advanced reporting system.
  • Search help in Chart of Account and Order fulfillment.

QuickBooks Desktop and Cloud: Key Advantages and Basic Difference

QuickBooks Desktop holds may great advantages but it is a software system that is present locally in your system. It also bears certain delimitation that you have no access to the software from anywhere except the system it is installed in.

Now, if you want to switch your QuickBooks Desktop to a Cloud-based system, let’s have a look at some of the great reasons that help in taking the decision.

Access to multiple users

QuickBooks Desktop provides access to very few or limited users. That makes it very difficult to synchronize the work. This loophole is filled in the Cloud-based feature.

You decide and give access to n number of users you want. It is easy to grant access to your professional team and your accountants. It is more secure and convenient way of communication than sending mail or sharing files via portable drives.

Accessibility from different platforms

You can use iPad, MAC, Laptop, Cell-phone or Desktop and login to your QuickBooks Account any time without any delay. All you need to do is a high-speed working internet connection.

QuickBooks Desktop doesn’t own that features. The accessibility is only from the system you are working on or it is installed on. You need a remote access feature to make your program working from another device. This is not a feasible option.

Quicker Updates

All the software depends on upgrades and updates for technical & functional improvements along with bug fixes. Cloud-based system works on real-time update that doesn’t bother user’s functioning. The user doesn’t have to install these updates or upgrade, the company automatically updates or upgrade cloud-based software from the backend.

Integration Schemas

QuickBooks in itself is a well-defined software in itself but it also needs other software and applications for integration to keep your business up to date.

For Example, if you integrate your accounting application with QuickBooks, you can have direct automatic access to your accounting application and can easily see your customer’s payments. QuickBooks also has features to insert and load all the paychecks into your QuickBooks Accounts Register.

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