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Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 While Running Payroll

Resolve QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 While Running Payroll

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The number/name of the company file is not found in this error message that triggers due to the QuickBooks Desktop Error 248. One possible reason for this error can be that your company file may have been renamed. If you need help in troubleshooting the problem caused by this error and how to rebuild the company file, make sure that you read this article from start to finish until you are certain that your company file is running up again and you can run the payroll services properly.

What reasons lead to QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 while rebuilding the Company File?

Learning about the root causes related to the errors in QuickBooks and going ahead with the resolution part is highly recommended to easily troubleshoot them. The same approach must be followed when resolving the QuickBooks Desktop Error 248.

Hence, have a glance at the most important reasons that cause the error code 248 in your QuickBooks Desktop listed below.

  • If your QuickBooks Company File is corrupted or hampered.
  • Over payment made to an employee.
  • If the files in your QuickBooks Desktop are found to be damaged.

Resolution methods to fix the QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 while rebuilding the Company File.

Knowing why the error code 248 was occurring in your QuickBooks Desktop and the steps to resolve it that is explained below have made resolving this issue easier. So, ensure that you follow them and you will be able to debug the QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 like a pro.

Resolution 1: Running the QuickBooks Rebuild Data Utility tool

QuickBooks Desktop uses customized tools to meet its daily operations, one of them being the QuickBooks Verify and Rebuild Data Utility. It has been structured in such a way to quickly identify and resolve company document problems inside QuickBooks Desktop software by itself. With this feature, users can see what steps need to be followed that have been provided as indicated:

  • First and foremost, open the QuickBooks Desktop application and click the Utility option located under the File tab.
  • After that, you need to hit click on Rebuild Data.
  • Once done, follow the on-screen instructions appropriately to save the backup of your QuickBooks Company Files and wait until the backup process is finished.
  • Last but not least, hit the Ok button to complete this task.
  • Finally, make use of the next method if the error persists.

Resolution 2: Making the use of QuickBooks Verify Data Utility.

To find the data integrity issues in your QuickBooks Company File, you can use this new tool called Verifying Data Utility. It is easy to use with the help of the steps provided below:

  • To begin with, you need to launch the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • After that, you need to pick out the options named Utilities and Verify Data found in the File tab.
  • If the data is found to be appropriate, you will receive a message that states ‘’QuickBooks could not detect any problem with your data’’, when received, hit the Ok button.
  • However, if the Utility tool detects any problem in your QuickBooks Company File, then you need to click on the Rebuild Now option to resolve this issue.
  • The final step is to hit the Close button to finish this task.
  • If the error code 248 persists even after rebuilding the Company File in your QuickBooks Desktop application, then you will need to resolve it while running the payroll.

Resolution method to resolve the QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 while running the payroll.

The QuickBooks error code 248 is caused by overpaying an employee and/or overpaying payroll taxes. To fix this issue, manually delete certain paychecks or use the below-described solution.

Method: Creating and Adding items in QuickBooks Desktop.

To apply this method properly, you are supposed to make use of the steps listed below for the best results.

  • The first and foremost step is to launch the QuickBooks Desktop application.
  • After that, you need to head on to the List section, pick out the option named Payroll List, and click on New Item.
  • Then, go to Custom Setup and hit the Next button.
  • Once done, you now need to give a name to the new item that you want to add to the QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now, choose the account that is suitable for you to link the desired item.
  • Then, you need to choose the Tax Tracking Type option. For that, tap None and hit the Next button twice.
  • Having done the above step, hit Neither followed by the Next button.
  • Finally, enter the details of the amount that is overpaid and then click on Finish to end the process.
  • Now, you just need to check if the QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 is resolved or not.

Final Words!

QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 occurs on the computer screen when a user wants to perform payroll or take a backup of their data in the Company File. If you’re experiencing an error when trying to open your QuickBooks desktop file, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem. And if that doesn’t work, then you may need to take some action to prevent it from happening again in the future.

Now that you have a complete guide on QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 then you can easily resolve this error. However, if you are still stuck or have any doubts then you can reach out to the customer helpdesk for quick and easy assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is important to backup your company file, to protect your data from QuickBooks Desktop Error 248?

Yes, it is important to have a backup of your company file. To backup follow these steps:

💠 First, switch to the single-user mode in QuickBooks. Switch to the single-user mode in the File menu if you’re already logged in.
💠 Then under the File menu, select the Backup Company option.
💠 After that select Choose Local Backup when creating a backup.
💠 Now select a location for your backup by clicking Options. It’s preferable to save it to an external hard disc or upload it to the internet.
💠 Once done, click the Next button after clicking the OK button.
💠 Finally, to begin the backup procedure, select the Save It Now option and click the Finish button.

What are the other ways to resolve QuickBooks Desktop Error 248?

If you are having problems with QuickBooks Desktop Error 248, there are some quick fixes that you can try. First, make sure that your computer is up to date with the latest security patches. Second, clear your cache and browser history. Third, try restarting your computer. Finally, try clearing your QuickBooks desktop shortcut and installing the latest version of QuickBooks.

How can you Avoid QuickBooks Desktop Error 248?

QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 can occur when there is a problem with the QuickBooks software. This problem can cause errors on your computer screen, and it can also cause problems with your QuickBooks files. There are a few steps that you can take to try to fix QuickBooks Desktop Error 248.
💠 First, you should try to restart your computer. This will help to clear any temporary files that may have been created as a result of the error.
💠 If that does not work, you can try to repair your QuickBooks software. This option will remove any errors from your computer and restore your QuickBooks files to their original state.

What Are The Warnings Of QuickBooks Desktop Error 248?

Some of the symptoms of QuickBooks Desktop Error 248 include:

💠 Unable to open or work on your QuickBooks file.
💠 A message that says “You cannot open this file because it is in a format that is not supported by QuickBooks”.
💠 A message that says “The process could not find the file specified”.
💠 A message that says “Incorrect File Format”.
💠 A message that says “The file is locked and you do not have the required permissions”.

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