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QuickBooks is very simple to set up and to operate it you don’t need to have prior knowledge of accounting. It is now available in a new edition for Mac and that is QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2021. QuickBooks for Mac helps to organize your business from one place, which saves your time, and hence you can be more productive. New QuickBooks contains many new features and tools, to know these keep reading the below article.
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QuickBooks made for Mac includes below things

  1. You can download your bank transactions
  2. No need for prior accounting knowledge
  3. Always stay organized to manage your business more successfully
  4. Track every business move to take right and quick decisions
  5. Using QuickBooks is having very simple set up to use
  6. Import your data Quickly
  7. Receive your payments faster through online invoice and statement e payments
  8. Step by steps are available to show you how to create invoices, record expenses, and more

What is new in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2021

QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2021 is now contained of advanced and new things which help you to boost your work and productivity. Some of the QuickBooks new features are available below

e-File 1099s

Speed up your filing process simply by filling the 1099 forms. Save your precious time instead of wasting it, keep update with the IRS requirements which mandate electronic filing for some of the 1099s.

Sales Tax Code

Be ready with the tax preparation, record your sales & tax calculations for multiple districts, state orders, and non-profit organizations. Save yourself by paying high penalty and interest charges through monitoring the sales tax you have collected

Combine invoice emails

Send multiple invoices through a single email and receive payment more easily and quickly. Remind the customers about the payment so that they won’t overlook the outstanding amount while sending payments

Statement e-payments

Email the clients with the payment links which helps the clients to pay more quickly and easy way. Payments are done with simply one-click download and reconciliation.

Automatic payments reminders

Send automatic reminders to the clients and get paid faster

What QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2021 can do for your business?

QuickBooks for Mac is capable to manage to multitask, hence below are some major task which QuickBooks software can do for your business.

Invoicing – Be professional and collect the payment faster

  1. See real-time invoice status and stay on top of your business cash flow
  2. accept the payments through the invoices and you can send the reminder for payment too
  3. Invoice available for everything such as services, goods, expenses, and for billable time
  4. You easily create professional invoices and estimates

Track Sales tax – Stay on top of sales tax

  1. To know what you owe now you can run sales tax liability reports
  2. Track your monthly sales tax automatically
  3. Customers and products which are taxable can be easily defined

Track Inventory – Maintain your stock and avoid losing any orders

  1. Track the product price, products and when the inventory is low you can now get the notification
  2. Manage your inventory accounts according to theft, loss, and shrinkage
  3. To keep track of what in the order you can now create a Purchase order

Track Income and expenses – Track your money where it is going

  1. Automatically download transactions and to do the same, connect your bank and credit card
  2. Categorize your business with Employee centers, vendor, and customer
  3. Import the data from earlier financial data from excel or for other programs

Manage bill and accounts payments – Know your debts

  1. Pay before time and get early pay discounts automatically
  2. See the unpaid bills from a vendor to manage the payments easier
  3. Manage the cash flow and take necessary actions on unpaid bills
  4. At a single place track purchase order and bills

System Requirements for QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2021 – Download PDF

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