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QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 is all about automation or we can say users can expect more automation which is specially designed to save time and boost productivity. For the past decades, Intuit has continuously improved its services by customizing QuickBooks as per the user’s requirement. It is also best known in terms of offering best-in-class features and functionalities which add more value to its service.

Every year, a new version comes with some additional features that enhance the capability of QuickBooks and ease business tasks. Likewise, this latest released 2021 version is also introduced new automation features such as improvements to bank feeds, automatically sending statements, creating categorized receipt expense entries, and more. This guide is a compilation of what’s new in QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2021.

Let’s have a look at the newly added features in this new release version and how you can use them to benefits your business.

New added features in QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021

Money management is an important factor that needs to be taken seriously in any company. As the market’s best small business accounting software, QuickBooks Pro simplifies the process of money management and removes the need for paper records. For potential audits, you would have no trouble extracting claims. The QuickBooks Desktop Pro automatically records each transaction!

Here are some of the summarized points of expected features in the QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2021 version:


Includes these subscription features:


  1. Unlimited customer support
  2. Access to the latest features, security patches, and updates
  3. Automatic data backup & recovery
  4. New: QuickBooks Desktop mobile app-based receipt management




  1. Organize your business finances
  2. Track performance to inform decisions
  3. Simple setup and easy to use
  4. Collaborate with 1 to 3 concurrent users (each sold separately)
  5. Quickly import data from Excel, Quicken & more

Ability to send statement automatically

The feature that automated the process of adding customer purchase order to the invoices and setting reminders was added last year by Intuit.

As a consequence, in its process of reducing repetitive manual tasks for its customers, it is prepared to launch the function that can automatically submit statements. By automating it, this function would remove the task of generating and submitting statements to customers each month. During the setup, predefined emails and templates are generated that can be checked before being submitted to the clients.

Improved bank feed

An online banking feature called Bank Feeds is supported by QuickBooks Desktop, which allows users to import their transactions from various financial institutions. It helps to control bank transfers and bills so that one can concentrate more on its core tasks.

To get started with Bank Feeds, there are two primary requirements: a bank account at any financial institution that provides QuickBooks services and access to the Internet. When dealing with Bank Feeds in the past, several users reported different problems and mistakes, and Intuit seems to have taken these concerns seriously.

Therefore, it has promised an enhanced Bank Feeds framework in its 2021 QuickBooks version. By offering improved rules, batch editing, and enhanced matching for categorizing all bank transactions, Intuit has streamlined the automation method.

Customized payment receipt

QuickBooks helps its users to print sales receipts and submit them. One may send multiple invoices or receive attachments via a single email in the QuickBooks 2020 edition.

Now, Intuit has introduced the ability to customize payment receipts in the QuickBooks 2021 version as per the requirements. It would further help to have a better image and streamline the process of all payments. Additionally, users can easily customize payment receipts as well as add logos to give professional look to the system with this latest update.

Receipt management

A receipt management tool is a new advanced feature that makes it simple and easier to enter your expense receipts. Using the mobile app or directly from your PC, you can allow users access to upload payment receipts to QuickBooks.

Create a rule-based customer groups

QuickBooks enables users to build groups of customers that help to list and separate them according to requirements.

The rule-based groups can be generated in the latest version based on various fields, such as client form, location, status, revenue, balance, and more. It will further allow the communication system to be controlled and automated.

Additional key benefits of QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021

  1. Automatic data backup and recovery without any additional charge.
  2. The ability to build and categorize receipt expense transactions automatically with the QuickBooks Desktop Pro.
  3. Unlimited customer support without any extra charges.
  4. Access to the latest version with the latest features, support, and security patches for third-party operating system changes.
  5. Optional add-on services discounted cloud-based remote access.

The above-discussed features are just the tips of the iceberg; QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 is not limited to these attributes. Intuit is also placing greater emphasis on the product based on QuickBooks services.

QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021 Technical specifications

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