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QuickBooks Electronic Invoicing

QuickBooks Electronic Invoicing

Wondering what is QuickBooks electronic invoicing? Well, QuickBooks, one of the best accounting solutions in world offers the privilege to create and send invoices online. This has made it easier for the accounting experts to manage everything online, saving them from the hassle of managing various spreadsheets offline or the paperwork.

An invoice is basically just a document which offers the customers with a thorough description of all the products or services which you have offeredto the customer along with their costing description. Invoices are needed for sales made on credit as well.

We can say that in case a customer does not pay the company at the time of the sale, in that case also, the company would have to keep track of what they owe the customer so that you can make sure that you receive your due payment in the future.

Invoices are a great way to help you to manage all the accounts receivable.  Accounts receivable is nothing but the total outstanding balance which is owed to you by your customers. It is just that when invoices become online, the process of managing them becomes a lot more convenient. And, this is where the use of QuickBooks comes in to play.

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Why should you Create Electronic invoices in QuickBooks?

Listed below are the two major advantages of making electronic invoices in QuickBooks:

  • All the financial statements are upgraded automatically in the real-time to imitate the alterations in the accounts receivable as well as the bank account balances.
  • The users can evensend across the email invoices to the customers straight from QuickBooks without any hassle. This enables the users to save postage. At the same time, it also makes sure that the customer gets the invoice much quicker so that the company can get paid much quicker.

How to Create An Electronic Invoice in QuickBooks

To create an electronic invoice in quickbooks, You need to follow mentioned below steps:

Total Time: 8 minutes

  1. Step One

    The first Step is to navigate to make the Invoices.

  2. Step Two

    Straight from the Home page in QuickBooks, right below the Customers column, you would have to choose Invoice.

  3. Step Three

    The second step involves creating the invoice.

  4. Step Four

    When it comes to making the new electronic invoice, you would have to first see the Invoice form which is displayed on the screen of QuickBooks.

  5. Step Five

    Then, you would be required to fill all the required fields like name, address, details etc.

  6. Step Six

    The third step involves previewing the invoice

  7. Step Seven

    After you are done with creating the invoice, the user can do a print preview to see how the actual invoice looks like. You would have to click on Print or Preview option which is present at the bottom of that screen.

Electronic invoices are a great way to manage all the financial transactions. Details mentioned above will help you to make new invoice, but if you get stuck anywhere, you can call our QuickBooks technical helpdesk. Our Accountingerrors QuickBooks technical team can be reached out at .

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