QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018


QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor 2018

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018 is business software that is designed in such a way that it addresses the special needs of Contractors. It has some features of the General Business version along with other functional features like work-flows, reports, charts of accounts, and expert tips which are specifically designed in such a way that it meets a contractor’s needs. Here is a list of some useful features of the Contractor edition in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise:

  • Job Costing Centre: Users can get a glance at the summary of all jobs on just a single screen.
  • Leading Job Costing Tools: By using this feature, a user will get a summary of all profits and losses on all jobs.
  • Change in Order Functionality: The user will get a complete estimate for all tasks which also includes minor changes. These minimal changes won’t come out as surprises for you as well as your clients as this feature has already given a glimpse of changes. It keeps a track of all the changes which took place and what is the impact of those changes.
  • Adjustable Billing Rates: It basically assigns different rates for employees to make more accurate estimates.
  • 18 Extra Reports for Contractors: It will help in keeping the cost of tracking accurate as you pay your bills or other payments you are making. It will provide you the status of your work, maintenance cost by the vendor, and your task. It will provide you with the total expenditure assumption. You can now maintain track of all unpaid bills.
  • Chart of Accounts for Contractors: You will now get expert advice from experts. They will provide you with a preset Chart of Accounts for your Contacting Business.
  • In-built Help & Tips by Experts: This feature helps you by giving you various tips and advice on various topics. You will also get expert advice that will help you in targeting your clients.

The features mentioned above were basically developed keeping Contractors in mind but the question arises that why a user should upgrade their previous QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 to the new QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2018. Intuit has introduced new and enhanced features which will make the work of Contractors smooth. Along with the features mentioned in the list above, users can also benefit from new features from QuickBooks 2018 Edition.

  • Multi-Monitor Support: Users can now work on a maximum of three monitors at a time.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: You can now copy and paste lines in your invoice reports by using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Secure Webmail Support: Users of Gmail or Hotmail can now send secure emails via QuickBooks to email forms and reports.
  • Inventory Report Improvements: you can now add extra columns to your invoices.
  • Mobile Barcode Scanning: They have to build a special device that has in-build scanners which can scan the barcode of the products for shipping.
  • Mobile Picking with an Android Device: This device allows you to send orders to the warehouses with a set of instructions about sales orders through mobile which has a net connection. This sending and receiving of data/message can be done through a mobile device without touching QuickBooks.

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With these new and improved features, QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Contractor 2018 will boost your work. So upgrade and enjoy the benefits of QuickBooks 2018. For more information contact QuickBooks Customer service by calling on their toll-free number +1-800-816-6849.

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