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QuickBooks Error 100

QuickBooks Error 100

QuickBooks error 100 interrupts the synchronization of payment information on QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks point of sale. While QuickBooks desktop is accounting software used to handle day-to-day finances, the point of sale is software to ring sales and record transactions. Users can set up the sync between the accounting and point of sale software for better integration and faster workflow. But in some cases, this sync function may fail because of various errors such as the one we’re discussing in this post.

QuickBooks error 100 – database server not found “08w01” – occurs primarily because of network connection issues, but it may also result from insufficient system resources such as memory and free storage space. To fix the problem, we first have to figure out the technical issue causing the error. We can then look at the system information to verify that our machine has enough memory and storage to perform the sync without interruptions. Lastly, we may have to fix certain utilities that this software depend upon.

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix Quickbooks error 100.

Error: QuickBooks error 100 database server not found “08w01”.

Reasons for QuickBooks error 100

  • QBPOS Database Manager not running
  • Insufficient system resources
  • Network issues
  • Windows Firewall interrupting connection
  • Connection not secure
  • .NET Framework damaged

What is QuickBooks error 100?

QuickBooks error 100 occurs in the point of sale software because of failure in data synchronization. Users who’ve set automatic sync of data between the accounting and point of sale software encounter it because of low system resources, damaged utilities or technical issues. The error causes the data sync operation to fail.

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    Solutions for QuickBooks error 100

    QuickBooks point of sale error 100 has various solutions, so users have to follow each one. You may even proceed to a certain solution if you already know the underlying cause of the error. However, we recommend that you proceed in the order provided in this post.

    Let’s get started.

    Solution #1: Restart the QBPOS Database Manager

    The QBPOS database manager stores and syncs the retail, inventory and sales data. Before you restart the database manager, you should restart your workstation to close any programs that may be interrupting the sync process. Further, you should log in as an administrator to easily configure the windows platform to execute the sync operation.

    Here are the steps to resolve QuickBooks error 100 by restarting QBPOS database manager on your local workstation:

    1. Right click on the Start menu.
    2. Choose Windows + R.
    3. In the type field, enter “services.msc”.
    4. Press Enter to run the command.
    5. Find and Right click on QBPOS Database Manager.
    6. Choose Restart.

    Some users choose to host their POS and accounting software on a separate server for expanding integration and accessibility. For such users, here are the steps to resolve QuickBooks error 100 by restarting the QBPOS database manager on the server or workstation:

    1. Log into the Server workstation with an admin account.
    2. Click on the Start menu.
    3. In the search field, enter Services.msc.
    4. Launch the QBPOS Database Manager X.
      Note: if there are multiple QBPOS Database Managers, then choose the latest version.
    5. In the new window, go to the General tab.
    6. Click on Automatic for Startup type.
    7. Click on Stop. Wait for a few seconds, then click on Start.
    8. Click on the Log On tab.

    Now you can launch the POS and accounting software on the server computer and the workstation to verify that the data syncs properly.

    Solution #2: Use the QBPOS Test Connectivity Tool

    QBPOS connectivity tool can scan your system files and network configuration and display the factors that are preventing the sync operation and causing QuickBooks error 100. This tool is available for free and is provided by Intuit itself.

    Download QBPOST Test Connectivity Tool:

    You have to save the file to the following location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks POS

    Once you’ve downloaded the setup, you can run the tool to get more information about factors that are impacting the connection:

    • Installation Type: While viewing the install type, the configuration should state Server Workstation and not Client Workstation. If it’s the latter, then reinstall the software on your machine.
    • TCP/IP Protocol: these protocols should be enabled to ensure that your system is protected whenever it is connecting to another machine via a network connection.
    • QBPOS DB Service Status: If this process isn’t Running, then you should reboot your system. Without this service, the data won’t be synced with the accounting software.
    • Windows Firewall Status: QBPOS should be displayed as an exception in the Windows Firewall so that the firewall does not interrupt network connection related to QB POS.
    • QBPOS Database Info: you can find the information about the last point of sale file opened using the software. You can also view the error messages that you received while working with the last opened file.
    • Database Log: for a detailed and technical log of actions executed using the QB POS, you can rely on this option. With good technical expertise, you can easily identify anything wrong with the executed actions.
    • Test Connection: use this feature to test the connection to the data file that stores the POS data. This tool is often used to check connection with the server to ensure that the data is synced with the main machine. You can Configure the POint of Sale Firewall to fix any interruptions caused by security software.

    All this information can be used for reconfiguring the POS software and its connection to fix the error and get back to work. However, you need to make sure that any changes you make can be reversed easily.

    Solution #3: Repair .NET Framework

    The .NET Framework is essential for QuickBooks and many other software to run properly on the Windows platform. If files related to this framework are damaged, then the software relying on it generally encounters such errors.

    Here are the steps to fix QuickBooks error 100 by repairing the .NET Framework:

    1. Go to the Control Panel from the start menu.
    2. Choose Program and Features, then Uninstall a Program.
    3. Choose Microsoft .NET Framework.
    4. Click on Uninstall/Change.
    5. Choose Repair and follow on-screen instructions.
    6. Restart your system.

    After the repair process completes, restart your system so that the changes made to the files can take effect. Also, make sure that you’ve .NET Framework 4.5 installed on your system.


    You’ve been through all the solutions to fix QuickBooks error 100. You can even try to reinstall the software on your system, but that doesn’t generally fix the problem. Also, you should disable the firewall software on your system so that you can eliminate any interruptions to the connection.

    Note: Are you still getting Quickbooks error 100? Get in touch with our accounting software experts via chat or call.


    How do I know if my system doesn’t have sufficient resources?

    Press CTRL + Shift + Esc together to launch the task manager. In the task manager you can view the breakdown of the current system resources. After this, you can close other programs that are using too many system resources. If this doesn’t free up enough resources for QB POS to run properly, then you can add more memory or storage to compensate for the lack of resources. Scaling up this way can help you fix QuickBooks point of sale error 100.

    Can I disable windows firewall to fix QuickBooks desktop error 100?

    Yes, you can. But you should instead add a custom inbound and outbound rule to make QB POS an exception so that the firewall trusts the connections from this application and doesn’t block it. This can fix any network-related issues caused by the firewall. However, if the error occurs because of any other reason, then disabling the firewall or adding QB POS as an exception won’t do the trick.

    Will restarting QBPOS Database Manager lead to data loss?

    No, it won’t. The database manager only syncs data. The actual data is stored in the data file for QB POS. You can use the database manager to sync data not only with the server computer but also with the desktop accounting software, streamlining your workflow for improved efficiency and increased accuracy.

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