QuickBooks Error Code 15271


QuickBooks Error 15271

QuickBooks is an amazing software which is used by most of the small and mid-size organizations for their QuickBooks accounting and financial needs. Though, using QuickBooks software makes your work faster and efficient but there are certain conditions when you may encounter an error. These errors act as an obstacle in your work and one such error is QuickBooks Error Code 15271. You will encounter this error when your record isn’t approved. This error is generally spotted when you refresh your Payroll or QuickBooks application. This error code is followed by two messages which are mentioned below:

“Error 15271: The refresh didn’t end effectively. A document can’t be approved.”
“Error 15271: The payroll refresh didn’t end effectively. A record can’t be approved.”

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code 15271:

Here is a list of causes which may lead to error code 15271:

      • Damaged Windows registry due to anonymous reasons.
      • Any virus or malware damaging your QuickBooks application or Windows files & folders.
      • • Any other program interfering with your QuickBooks application.
        • Issues with your Internet Explorer.

Expected Outcome

You will be able to download the latest payroll updates.


You have an active QuickBooks payroll subscription.


If you encounter QuickBooks Error Code 15721, then you can follow the solution below to resolve your error.

      • Firstly you will have to create a backup.
      • Click on the Start menu on your desktop or press the windows key from your keyboard.
      • In the Search area, write Command.
      • Press CTRL key along with the SHIFT key and click on Enter option.
      • A new permission prompt dialog box will appear on your computer screen.
      • Press Yes option.
      • A new screen will appear on your computer screen, write regedit and press Enter key from your keyboard.
      • Select the file for which you want to create a backup from the registry editor.
      • Click on Export option from File menu.
      • Select the folder where you would like to save your file from the Save in list.
      • Save file and make sure you have selected the branch from the export range column.
      • Run a complete virus scan of your system.
      • Delete all the junk files from your temporary folder and clean your hard-disk.
      • Upgrade your system drivers.
      • Undo all the recent changes in your system. You can use the Windows Operation Repair to do so.
      • Uninstall and re-install the QuickBooks software.
      • Check for the all the recent updates for your Windows, if any, then install them.
      • Run the Clean windows installation program.
      • Reboot your system.

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